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 Ping G20 Pink Driver for sale on christmas day

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PostSubject: Ping G20 Pink Driver for sale on christmas day   Fri Nov 16, 2012 2:08 am

We know PING limited-edition pink PING G20 drivers are deep favored by the golf pros Bubba Watson. “Bubba is already approaching the target of 300 drives of 300 yards or longer, and we wanted a way to provide ongoing support for his generous cause,” said John A. Solheim, PING Chairman & CEO.

“Even prior to his win at The Masters, golfers were requesting Ping G20 Pink drivers. Through word of mouth, social media, and phone calls, the interest was extremely high. We want to satisfy that demand while bringing even more visibility to Bubba’s goal of raising $1 million. Golfers who own a Ping G20 Pink Driver will be excited to have this prized possession. They’ll not only enjoy the improved performance of the G20, they’ll be participating in a wonderful cause.”

The Ping G20 Pink drivers have a bright pink shaft and clubhead featuring the same technology that has earned the Ping G20 Driver high marks for its performance from golfers of all abilities. The drivers sport bright pink club heads and Ping TFC 169D shafts, and come in lofts of 9.5 degrees and 10.5 degrees for right-handed golfers.

The TFC 169D is a soft tipped shaft that is almost 46” long (45.75 to be precise) but there’s something different about it this year compared to last year’s stock offering found in the G15 and K15. That difference is the addition of some weight above the center point of the shaft. You may not notice it unless you’re looking for it but I noticed this difference and it didn’t feel overly heavy.

In fact it almost felt like a fulcrum for the best price golf clubs when you slowly swing it so I can see how this weighting is designed to help swing the club. The Tour version of the shaft that is also available has a slightly stiffer tip which will launch the ball a little lower with even less spin and will weigh about 6-9g more depending on what flex option you go with.

The club face combined with the external weight found on the heel of the Ping K15 Driver is now placed directly behind the face of the Ping G20 Pink drivers which means that the poor golf ball will get up in the air faster for you. The aerodynamic shape, or at least as aerodynamic as 460cc can be, combined with the variable wall thickness, the shaft that comes with the Ping G20 Pink drivers, and the external weight is really a nice package that is designed to help the golfer get the ball airborne and fast.
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Ping G20 Pink Driver for sale on christmas day
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