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 Maximum forgiveness Ping G20 Driver

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PostSubject: Maximum forgiveness Ping G20 Driver   Wed Dec 19, 2012 1:42 am

As a game improvement driver for mid-high handicap golfers with high launch & carry characteristics and a large, thin face, the Ping G20 Driver for sale has been adopted by Tour stars like Bubba Watson, Angel Cabrera and Miguel Angel Jimenez. The G20 Driver pushes distance towards the limit with out sacrificing forgiveness over tee by utilizing another weight that optimizes the middle of gravity position to build high launch and low spin.

Following in the victorious footsteps of the G5, G10 and g15 driver sale is the G20 in all its muscular, forgiving glory. Designed specifically for the G20 series, the TFC 169D is a lightweight graphite shaft which gives higher swing speeds for higher launch and low spin, with a livelier, more responsive feel and a softer tip for increasing dynamic launch. The variable-thickness face generates faster ball speeds and increased MOI for maximum forgiveness.

Itís difficult to criticise a driver that offers great distance, forgiveness and looks but we are going to point out the lack of adjustability. PING still refrain from going down that route and while the G20ís performance more than merits this decision, it would be lovely to think that an adjustable version could deliver even more. But across testers of diff ering abilities, the G20 has come out ahead of the rest and is rightfully the Best on Test for 2012.

This club has transformed my game. My drives are consistently straight, with great ball flight and distance. Previously the majority of my tee shots were affected by a shocking slice, in fact I took the decision to remove my driver from my bag. The G20 looks great at address and fills me with confidence. I would recommend the G20 to anyone. I also bought the Ping G20 Pink Driver which is nearly as good, now I want the G20 irons.

The G20 Driver felt smoother plus the results on the shop PC system proved the G20 golf clubs for sale went the furthest with minimum side spin for my swing plane. My golf buddys are now happy as my drives beat them all 9 times out of 10. It has more tendency to slice if you go too hard but looks and sounds good at address and impact. Keeps me more consistently in the low 80's and below on a good day. Use a regular shaft opposed to previous stiff shaft and reduced slices drastically as a result.
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Maximum forgiveness Ping G20 Driver
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