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 Cheap Golf Equipment, Ping G20 Driver & Ping G15 Irons

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PostSubject: Cheap Golf Equipment, Ping G20 Driver & Ping G15 Irons   Wed Feb 20, 2013 4:28 am

So far, PING experienced kept its promise: there is a far better really feel and there is an improve in distance.

ping g20 driver

Ping G20 Driver is mainly designed for higher handicappers, but the fact that a number of high-profile Tour stars have already put it in the bag shows the broad appeal of the product.

Its 460cc titanium head is longer front to back and features PING's patented ultra thin crown technology. Weight savings from the thin crown are positioned as an external sole weight to optimize the center of gravity of the cheap ping g20 driver for higher trajectories and reduced spin. The new PING-designed TFC 149D high balance point shaft allows for a five gram increase in head mass.

A driver head reacts at impact by bending, or flexing. This impacts the overall sound and feel of the club, as well as how the ball comes off the club. With the Ping G20 Driver, calculated measures have been taken to make sure the ball comes off solid and online. They have adjusted the curvatures of the crown and sole to withstand the somewhat violent impact of a full on driver swing.

Ping G15 irons

Despite my praise to the Ping G15 Irons, I will not be placing them in my personal bag. The G15s possess a thick main that induced me to consciously alter my swing to sweep the ball as opposed to assault the ball. Moreover, when I attempted to strike a slight draw or even a slight fade the ball stayed nearly lifeless straight. Last, the big offset in the clubhead result in several untimely hooks with my prolonged irons.

With all that said, PING has no intention of me placing the clubs in my bag. The PING G15 Irons for sale is specific at golfers that dig to the soil once they shouldn't; golfers that possibly can't strike a feather draw or fade; golfers that could advantage in the offset. Ultimately, the G15 is genuinely a fantastic suit for any mid- to high-handicap golfer.


For practically a decade my disdain to the looks of PING irons has kept me from providing them a closer look.
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Cheap Golf Equipment, Ping G20 Driver & Ping G15 Irons
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