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 Customize My First Adjustable TaylorMade R11s Driver

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PostSubject: Customize My First Adjustable TaylorMade R11s Driver   Fri Nov 30, 2012 3:33 am

TaylorMade did the smartest thing possible by not trying to reinvent the wheel. With the R11 being one of the the most successful drivers in the history of golf they decided to do the best thing possible, make it better. They took the taylormade r11 driver and improved upon it by making minor tweaks to increase both distance and accuracy and suceeded as the R11S is a homerun and yes itís better then the R11.

I traded my taylormade rbz driver in for the r11s and i hit the r11s so much straighter and about 8-10 yards further than my rbz. R11s is the real deal. Just like the rbz 3 wood that club is also worth th money and hype love them both.

As of now Iíve played 3 rounds and 5 range sessions with the R11S and I am extremely happy. There is a noticeable difference in forgivenss on off center hits. Even when struck on the heel which is my miss the ball still goes. Trajectory is outstanding in fact my R11 is 8* and theR11S is 10.5 and iím extremely glad I got the 10.5. Right now Iím playing it at 10* and Trajectory is perfect and Iíve gained an average of 8yds

I just replaced my taylormade burner 2.0 irons and this is the first adjustable club I've ever purchased. I was also confused by how to change the club, but after talking with the customer service guys at Carl's I had no problem. I tend to miss to the right side and just closed the face a little and moved the bottom "bumper", as they called it, 1 notch and there you go.

The R11s driver features inverted cone technology for more ball speeds on off-center hits. Hit it longer and straighter with the r11s driver for sale. With the Taylormade R11s driver you can change the loft (1.5o), face angle (3o), and flight path of every drive for lower scores. Customize your R11s driver with these easy adjustments and fine tune your game like NEVER before.
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Customize My First Adjustable TaylorMade R11s Driver
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