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 Taylormade R11s driver is an Adjustable driver

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PostSubject: Taylormade R11s driver is an Adjustable driver   Wed Jan 09, 2013 2:49 am

Based on what Iíve seen out on the course lately Ė the taylormade r11s driver is shaping up to be the hottest golf club of the year.

After spending a bit of time to get to know the new r11s driver, I can see why so many people love this driver. The club simply feels great, looks amazing, and is fully adjustable. Itís simply a solid and capable driver.

I was a little concerned when I received the 9 degree version of the club. I had been fitted for a 10.5 degree, but the 9 degree was the one that showed up for review. This had less impact than I initially expected, I simply adjusted the club and it played the same as the model that I dialed into during the fitting.

This is the only adjustable driver Iíve played with this year where the adjustability seems to have a noticeable impact between the different settings. While all of the adjustable drivers feel a bit different between settings the R11S feels truly adjustable.

Unlike taylormade RBZ driver that Iíve reviewed, the R11S looks normal at address when itís adjusted to the higher and lower lofts. The majority of adjustable drivers just feel a bit off when they are in non-neutral positions, but R11S doesnít have this same problem. The R11S feels completely natural at all of the adjustability combinations that Iíve tested.

Everyone either seems to love or hate the white and I clearly fall in the love camp. The cheap r11s driver simply looks great and the contrast of the white club head is a big plus for me.
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Taylormade R11s driver is an Adjustable driver
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