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 Pirates of the Caribbean 4 "audience specimens is common criticism" false 3D"

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PostSubject: Pirates of the Caribbean 4 "audience specimens is common criticism" false 3D"   Thu May 19, 2011 5:07 am

By Johnny Depp team made such as horses fourth film classic series pirates of the Caribbean 4:difficult blame waves "(Star Trek Voyager dvd), violent blame yesterday in guangzhou and opened a sneak preview of the film the summer season this year. But the audience common criticism film is being "3D", wear 3D glasses to watch the only function is clear subtitles just. The wave of violent blame small, mainly in scenes account clues and plot, the most worth a look the hordes of "mermaid".

S hotspot big revelation

"Mermaid" there are crowds of, also have alone!

The last "pirates of the Caribbean" spent $3 billion budget, make a lot of big occasion pour in North America, unfortunately only took back the $3 billion in box office. So this a "difficult blame wave" was shrunk the $100 million budget, expect with new directors took the song and dance piece before the flowery experience, with theGrey's Anatomy on dvd to save money. So, want to be in the wave of violent blame saw the stifling of big condition or similar octopus claws effects of the lens, then play the piano is illusion.

Mermaid used song entice sailors and then eat them, even if is the story of how not to pirate story know Chinese audience, also is familiar. Budget has been sharply shrinking the difficult blame wave "just use this as a selling point -- no octopus head, see beauty also good. Facts have proved, the treasure is right! Moab Mermaid haven't appear, they have water between the hands of mouth horror story made considerable matting; Song sounded and article 1 mermaid until when appear in the stern, all were jing is colourful once -- is really very beautiful! In the end, flocked mermaid appear, they are not only in the coat on, hair covers important part, but still let the audience is a little excited.

By the third department, rob play more people, play the Jeffrey barbosa captain rashid, perform atrue blood dvd wonderful place, even if is the antagonist also let people born goodwill. So many Depp fans complain, Depp plays the space is not large.

In this case, the difficult blame waves "absolutely can let Depp fans satisfaction. Because almost all the drama is concentrated in captain jack a person's body, his classic LanHuaZhi, small MaoBu, sootiness, and he and his former girlfriend of various entanglements between. Even on one episode of father and son greatly appreciatedDisney movies dvd emotion, this time also just a special glance.

No elves prince, indeed as expected or Depp popularity is the highest.

S lower expectations

Wearing 3-d glasses just to see the subtitles

Even pirates series, also cannot resist the in recent years greatly popular 3D boom, thus putting the fourthDisney dvd collection film made into a 3D. But the movie picture, will people think it, "difficult blame the 3D and 2D wave" didn't make any difference. Wearing 3-d glasses for the only function just the row of overlap badly it. See clear subtitles

Although prior propaganda when also said the film 3D effect will have special design in action, such as the movement of objects into depth direction, but compared with long dialogues for, such scenes but very few.

So choose to watch this as a 3D form the audience, should try to reduce mental expectations.

Penelope perfunctory

Replaced the keira knightley, the Spanish sexy goddess Penelope cruz, originally was unanimously valued.one tree hill dvd cold case complete Thought she'd in which big show sex appeal, after all exercise selfcontrol corsage, their boots are the sexy small wild cats the most suitable dress up. But after the movie, found that such thoughts is a mistake.

During the shooting of violent waves, Penelope blame before four months of pregnancy has already, don't say the action, cannot personally only by sister to do avatars, in fact movies to the goddess even a systemic positive lens are few. And she lower-body parcel solidly plastered over and only show his sexy small shoulder to lure the audience. Worse, the Spanish small beautiful girl and Depp emperor 1:00 also not calls, even as the lethal partner "in Depp and Julie sparks more obvious.

Here have to remind the audience, and the first three department, the same wave of violent blame isHouse MD dvd also a eggs at the end of the content, and eggs with Penelope relevant.
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Pirates of the Caribbean 4 "audience specimens is common criticism" false 3D"
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