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 Pirates of the Caribbean 4 "releases

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PostSubject: Pirates of the Caribbean 4 "releases   Mon May 16, 2011 4:43 am

Commercial film and art film, though no absolute boundaries between them,true blood dvd but overall pursue value is not the same. So watch and judge a commercial film, Angle and standard would differ. Pirates of the Caribbean 4 -- Wolf may violent blame is not so much the humanistic solicitude philosophical thinking, but it or best can use gorgeous and excellent will his armed up, will definitely is a commercial movie began this summer arrival in the first heavy artillery.

The stars made of water. Depp

A commercial film peeroxidation depends on its commercial factors, whether can Po bits to impress. And in all commercial factors, the star cast never existed in the first place. This series 4, Penelope and Ian mike Sean replace the first three department of keira knightley and Orlando bloom. Do not say first that two true blood dvdgroups which is heavy, light horses from the plot, 4 also setting made a few changes, more appear on the Johnny Depp body. Thus the first three department than the state of play, one MoBuRu say Depp ieyasu leader. Depp this man as an actor, there has been a stream of singular blame strength, often do not normally characters with a card, but and personality. Captain jack the BanFeng half is, also, Yin also Yang, light is blunt he, let people have to big screen carefully study impulse.

Spain at the first belle peja, early is home global famous, during be pregnant, take part in such a big move was shot, the topic is sex is enough also. Geoffrey rush and Ian MaiKe Sean is strength of fights. Moreover from the cannes film festival cast the situation, the best-known degree is not generally on fanaticism, reportedlyDisney movies dvd from nice into cannes train change ferial gad will Dally but full fall out. Can imagine how much new squad attraction.

True 3D Caribbean stimulate eyeball

With the production of the commercial, is the biggest difference between the art-house movie scene must be sufficient luxuriant attract eyeball, because commercial less go feelings or narations. On this count, 4 continued magic adventure style, is absolutely the right choice.

The film covers the scene of the oldest European town, Spain cadiz city, the palace; Fountain of youthDisney dvd collection fairyland, mysterious island, the ancient shipwreck in the and so on. Every scene production to the nines. Or bright colours, or lighting is rich, or element novel enough. 3D technology to join, more make the scene look realistic dream, your person ases if immersive, place oneself the scene.

But fascinating scenes play, almost include all action class film elements. Wine cellar captain jack and lovers in the street on the sword fighting chase, sea carriage unifyingl the ship and coastline of war mermaid. Each field's emotions are transferred to proper, have a little transitions. If there is shortage is slightly too slow, plot development too wonderful cumulative together, appears unavoidably aesthetical fatigue. But such a sophisticated production, creative personnel certainly want to retain as much in the film, psychological canone tree hill dvd understand. 3D not only better reduction of scene of the scene, also help strengthen effect. The actors to engage with 3D unique did a lot of positive effect, such as the scheduling, longitudinal stab sword toward the depth or flying step down, etc.

Plot, the characters not without called flints plane

Good commercial, the development of the plot and characters not logical, impostors, spun. 4 "pirates of the Caribbean have many elements, scary, love, humor, magic, and no hard for ChengChangMian and give up the figure depicts the details, if the circumstances are not called flints, also done very satisfied. Penelope, sexyDexter dvd playing pirate daughter, also good sensibility wild. Of course, this film cannot expect figures to go too deep, at least from their each character start talks, no similar "too brutal" so unusual expression.

Special effects also engage and fruit, technical service of the plot and character, not empty build a magic of city, let people go outside the city, not only wire psychological.

Relative European, actor in various roles, Hollywood's idea is known performers, the same role son bandwagon. Now the pirates of the Caribbean 4 ", besides letting Johnny Depp increasingly hottest, most propbably is more important, can let the pirate captain jack line with fans, experiencing a audio-visual grand adventure.

Arkady Balagan is a famous chess champion, IQ qualities, and he is humorous, sometimes unkind. Four months ago, he watched his fiancee Rosemarry died of "accidents", from now on fear of outdoor environment, live in Huxley hotel, even to the gate of the hotel. Rosemarry sister Pippa hand firmly believe sister died not so simple,24 dvdon the other hand, Arkady Balagan of negative tired feel helpless, had to idle their investigation.

In the lack of financial resources, in the face of the under accident will be knocked out of the hotel, the plight of Balagan Arkady had to use your mind to help people solve the problem. Never out of the hotel, he has been trying to beat him by the Becht, hotel cleaners to Alcina and always like to resist him hotel security two and a half men dvdmanager collected intelligence, Hugo cracked one case.

At the same time as to its sister Pippa "accidents" gradual deepening the investigation, she discovered that this is a man-made "accidents", and the goal was not her sister, but Arkady Balagan...
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Pirates of the Caribbean 4 "releases
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