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 The story is simple and the Caribbean 4 "slutty captain jack, as always

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PostSubject: The story is simple and the Caribbean 4 "slutty captain jack, as always   Wed May 18, 2011 11:06 pm

On May 20, will be released "pirates of the Caribbean 4: difficult blame waves" isSupernatural seasons 1-5 one of the best in this summer file the top seeds. 4 "pirates of the Caribbean trilogy as is the task of opening up new, new director rob Marshall in charge, the next, try to start the subtraction film story is simple, fails to around several major personalities, at the same time not pursue big condition visual impact. Yesterday, after the specimens in guangzhou fair, "general evaluation film captain jack" still get everybody's "thought highly", have the audience thought the fourth set in the story integrity do well, unlike two, three sets so long, also have the audience thought to lack of orgasm, film big producers like processing, for example, it is the vision brook not like his style. The treasure and adventure theme let pirates of the Caribbean 4 "more like sea piracy" indiana Jones ", but in the film to join fountain of youth search teamcold case complete series of Spanish but not in the traditional sense opponent, the final outcome quest unexpectedly also part, this group of west class people is also the audience laughing group says like "urban management" and "broken capitalism".

Demon captain jack always

Although changed director, have begun new adventures, Johnny Depp plays "captain jack" is still "pirates of the Caribbean" movies's largest hotspot, "captain" even has become his pronouns. In "pirates of the Caribbean 4 viewers disappointed nor Depp, began his film by the British captured, but in before the king escape,how I met your mother the whole process of conversations with soldiers there, his footwork and moves always so coquettish, upon escape still did not forget the veteran actress in guest star on DanJi Jodie following, took her earrings. Judy DanJi the whole movie is a two shots part but captain jack and her a love each other, Jodie DanJi leave immediately the lines: "so quickly finished the?" Also made the audience laugh.

Of course, smooth by "demon" captain jack was not enough to win the love of so many people, key moments he can always bear everything. In which he looking for fountain of youth encountered in the process of the cliffs, in order not to let old flames clearly card (Penelope cruz).shebeginstofall make risks, he snapped in under thesimpsons on dvd condition without warning, performance among the "jump yes".

How to deduce a pirate, Depp said: "I can only with my experience speaking, the pirate must fearless, have patience."

Bright Penelope the punchline constantly

The film that have no forever forever friend only the interests of the pirates, personally skinned deep old captain jack and clearly card, old rivals barbossa (Geoffrey rush).shebeginstofall between such people have various small utilization, small betray and small unity relations. Spanish beauty Penelope debuted amorous feelingsthe big bang theory 10 thousand kinds, although now years nearly 40 still don't reduce charm, but the film her main job isn't responsible for beautiful, but can act as a enchanting with jack rival, pirates role, the Oscar supporting actress winner also showed in the film is full of heat acting, the brightest new role.

In which she and captain jack both hate and love, in addition to oppose, more demanding, the two men are using the bickering occasionally bring unexpected spark the punchline, especially her intent is not as an excuse to pregnant by captain jack thrown into the desert island scene, make full laugh.

Beautiful mermaid fan pour missionaries

Pirates of the Caribbean and the new role of the very rob theatre. Mermaid Mermaid actor, there are mi5 on dvdseven is supermodel, and 22 synchronized swimming athlete, many people who took part in the Beijing Olympic Games. The two key performance is each have beautiful mermaid appear normal, first by supermodel, JiMa mermaid, born in 1987 ward plays the she has Australia "baby face," said." JiMa ward a pair of shallow blue eyes, took the ravishing soon captured sailors and heart of audience.

Another a mermaid SaiLinNa by the French beauty gil ast li DE bogs looms - eph rui si bei play, the picture of the mermaid had many pitiful quest. As befit the British actor Sam phillips missionaries, carat Flynn deserved a dish, bare busts also quite quality when. Although in "pirates of the Caribbean" front 3 movie responsible house M.D. dvdfor the two actors love repertoire keira knightley and Orlando bloom exit the film, but SaiLinNa and Philip this to paying the love story, is also yuanyang for the film added sensitive elements.

3D rainforests won recognition effect

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 "is this series first 3D work, more than two-thirds of the lens 3D photography, Ghost Whisperer collectionand is in using the same who reach" o, the rest needs a large number of special effects technology by three-quarters of a deal with the way the 2D turn 3D, with some scenes will reduce the difficulty of 3D. Judging from the movie effect in tropical forests, the movie for a 3D effect, on the one hand, the most excellent color contrast, another because of vegetation looks can show startling real administrative levels.

The other part is the 3D effect, moreover film general can only say that without much and effects of the thriller stimulation, this one scene of the audience may be to be disappointed.
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The story is simple and the Caribbean 4 "slutty captain jack, as always
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