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 What Makes Ping G25 Irons so popular?

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PostSubject: What Makes Ping G25 Irons so popular?   Tue Feb 05, 2013 2:27 am

The Ping G-series clubs are proved to appeal to a wide audience from touring pros all the way to rank and file amateurs. The G25, the sixth installment in Ping's cast stainless steel game-improvement iron line, will feature similar moment of inertia measurements compared to its predecessor, the golf clubs for sale. But what will make Ping G25 Irons outweigh the previous G-series and gain a foothold in the market?

The G25 Irons are an improvement of the ping g20 irons which I like. Over the years, many PGA Tour players have used Ping “G” series irons because of their forgiveness. I believe G25 Irons will come to top now. The G25 irons have a re-engineered Custom Tuning Port and provide long-iron forgiveness and short-iron control. The Ping G25 has been designed to be forgiving and easy-to-hit with a premium look. The G20 maintained a nearly constant sole width of more than an inch, the G25's sole width gets narrower as the irons move from the 3-iron to the pitching wedge.

Marty Jertson, a senior design engineer for Ping, said the company wanted to re-align the size of the new iron to be more in the sweet spot of the game-improvement category. Outweighing the previous G-series irons, this year’s model Ping G25 Irons are the total package. They have all the benefits of a game-improvement iron without the usual bulky soles that are inherent in the GI class. They are forgiving and tester see in increase of distance by a half to one club compared to older Ping models.

You are never expecting the G25 irons to be classic look. The G25 irons have a more traditional look compared to the G15 and G20 lines and look like the ping i20 irons for sale. A sleeker design features thinner top lines and moderate offset for a look that will appeal to anyone looking for a high-launching, extremely forgiving iron. with the release today of the G25 iron, Ping's engineers are looking to continue that level of forgiveness in a sleeker package.

Perimeter weighted with a deep cavity design, the 17-4 stainless steel heads are highly forgiving. Support bars align with the impact area to ensure a solid feel and distance control throughout the set. Elastomer cavity badge improves feel. The G25 irons feature thinner, more progressive sole widths, thinner top lines and moderate offset, which will appeal to golfers of all skill levels. The sole widths vary (wide to narrow) from the 3-iron through pitching wedge to provide higher-launching, more forgiving long irons, and short irons with added playability and control.
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What Makes Ping G25 Irons so popular?
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