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 Ping G20 Hybrid review offers easy alignment

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PostSubject: Ping G20 Hybrid review offers easy alignment   Wed Dec 12, 2012 2:05 am

I love Ping and the full G20 line. Ping improved the way the G20 looks at address. For a better control, this Ping golf club has a flatter lie angle that allows you to play confident shots. The sole camber of this fairway club allows for smooth transitions even for those difficult-to-play shots. The blended crown design of the PING G20 Hybrid golf club not only appeals to the eye but also offers easy alignment.

The new G20 hybrid takes this initial concept from the cheap Ping G15 Hybrid and improves on it in a number of aspects according to Ping. Feedback from previous TG tests have compared the newer Ping hybrids to driving irons but Ping insist the clubs are designed and shaped specifically with good reason. Additionally, it's a game improvement club, which makes it easy to hit. For a Ping product it looks good behind the ball during setup. This helps to improve your confidence in hitting the club. Finally, it had a great price.

I play the Ping G15 Driver and love it and was looking to add a hybrid to my bag. I am on a 11 and was struggling at times to play to my handicap. The Ping G20 Hybrid is everything a rescue/hybrid club should be. An offset hosel provides high and low spin on a straight, boring trajectory. Its compact head size ensures a flat lie angle and crown for improved appearance. The G20 hybrids are highly versatile from challenging lies, especially when the ball is sitting down.

Even though I hadn't played for a approx 3 weeks with a crook back the first time out with these I played under my present handicap. From the one round I have had with them I think the G20 is the easier of the two models to use but its early days yet. The hybrids are a lot more forgiving than the longer irons, the Ping I20 Irons can be worked, the G20 will go dead straight which is what the manufactures and testers say these things do. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was only approximately 10 metres shorter than my 3 wood but was dead centre of the fairway.

A flatter lie angle and crown improve the appearance for added confidence. Exceptional ground impact was assured by adding bounce and increasing sole camber both front to back and australia golf online
heel to toe and the G20's square setup and a neutral head rotation help bring the clubface straight at impact for shots that find their marks, even from challenging lies.
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Ping G20 Hybrid review offers easy alignment
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