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 Ping K15 Review is not a good fit for everyone

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PostSubject: Ping K15 Review is not a good fit for everyone   Mon Nov 12, 2012 2:11 am

When Ping's club designers and engineers, including Vice President John K. Solheim, decided to make a new super game-improvement driver, they saw that most of the clubs already on the market have closed faces. That made sense because many golfers in the market for super game-improvement drivers are slicers. The key to making that happen is Ping's Straight Flight technology, which is essentially a weight positioned near the heel of the club which encourages the face to square at impact.

The Ping K15 Driver has a thinner outer edge and larger head making it easier to strike the ball in the clubs sweet zone. The weight saved by thinning the out edge is put into SF Techs external weight pad. Now the center of gravity is low and to the back to allow for higher launch and low spin, it also helps square the face for razor like tee shots drive after drive.

The K15 offers a larger 460cc head pattern that moves weight faraway from the clubface to push the centre of gravity backwards and provide a higher trajectory. Simply increasing the length from heel to toe Ping provides also been capable to develop a bigger surface to offer excessive levels of forgiveness and higher ball velocity.

The Ping K15 Driver (best price golf clubs) features the TFC 149D graphite shaft that employs higher stability point technology that helps the head mass to boost without affecting swing weight or the overall club weight to permit clubhead speed to stay steady. This permits the K15 driver to create higher ball speeds for longer and straighter drives.

For me, straight shots came easy with the PING G15(http://www.buygolfclubsuk.com/buy-Ping-G15-Driver-UK-868.htm), although the trajectory was a bit higher than I like. Fortunately, despite the high trajectory, I did get a little roll after the ball landed because the club's design reduces spin. It's also a very forgiving driver. Off-center hits didn't cause much of a distance loss at all. A bit more feedback regarding where the club face impacted the ball might be handy, however.

In my experience, the Ping K15 for sale provides above-average workability and distance. This driver is not going to be a good fit for everyone. If you struggle with a slice, then there are definitely better choices for you. But if you want to move Ping K15 Driver the ball both ways off the tee, then this is one of the more workable recent driver options that I've come across.
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Ping K15 Review is not a good fit for everyone
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