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 Brothers and Sisters fans here?

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PostSubject: Brothers and Sisters fans here?    Wed Aug 17, 2011 5:10 am

Brothers and sisters is a latest drama based on the background of the Walker family lived in California.The members of this family tangled with each other, or even be in tension. This is a human story full of temptation, deception and grief. The mixture of humor, drama and that whole family dynamic is very intriguing. Walker family seems to be a perfect model family. While with their father's sudden death, this family cracks everywhere, everyone has their own problems. The extramarital love affair of their father some years ago come to exposure, which has shocked the whole family, particully surprise their mother Nora. This famaly has different position in society: vice-president,lawyer,host...Through these interesting characters, the play wants to reveal what is most important things in 21st century. These brothers and sisters must balance their respective interests and handle the concept with their parents...The cast is so wonderful and they all contribute such an amazing talent to making us feel as though the Walker's are truly brothers and sisters. They live together and love each other.The interactions between Kitty and Nora are great to see. It is very enjoyable...
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Brothers and Sisters fans here?
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