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 Golf Tips for You

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PostSubject: Golf Tips for You   Mon Jul 18, 2011 3:06 am

First of all let's get something about how to identify the copy club(Ping K15 Driver ). Actually lots of Ping K15 Irons have gave us a system
introduce, distinguish it from the price, figure, craft level, include aspect of identify the production code, etc.
But one point usually missed: that is inspect the quality of the ball with stem(Ping K15 Fairway Wood ) . The method is easy: check the
Torgue, abbrevate called Cheap golf clubs. The conception of torgue is:

1 shaft bearing of changes to the stem, the "copy" reverse degree is very big. You can catch the grip and hand
hold hands and head, to the opposite direction, if is false, you can feel very big, like a tree branch in Mizuno MP 52 Irons, If
it is true, you will feel the rotating shaft, and hold the smaller one hand grip will hurt.

2 the shaft is soft, stem the harder when bending, no flexibility and tenacity.

3 from appearance, mainly displays in: 1. The head is not straight line groove two-tone,

4 pole head surface defect, uneven painting have off color,

5 stem head paint, there are omissions; uneven professional golf mall

6 and neck set knobbly tube, pit,

7. Stem body paint Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver, particle, screen printing are not clear or scratches,

8. The grip is simple, it is mostly rubber material, feel uncomfortable.

From the Angle of manufacturing, piracy than original brand Callaway RAZR Hawk Fairway Wood cue much less professional requirements, mainly include:

9 not stem head Angle,

The stem head polish deformation,

11 stem head. The poor quality material,

12 stem body material quality is poor,

The rod body stem head paint by bad,

14 shaft head weight substandard. Due to the manufacturing process of the defects, counterfeit cue less than the original
pole(Cheap golf irons. Improve your aerobic capacity and physical strength and you can witness an almost immediate improvement in Callaway FT-iQ Driver ) on the quality guarantee, often appear to break, Titleist 910F Fairway Wood, In addition, in the distance and direction on the ball,
thus affecting the stability of the player's performance.

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Golf Tips for You
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