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 House M.D Season Seven

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PostSubject: House M.D Season Seven    Mon Jun 27, 2011 10:20 am

House ignores his internalStar Trek Voyager dvd warning system, expressed to Cuddy in the season premiere, and lets his guard completely down in many ways. And when it ends—when he ultimately cannot meet her ever-changing standard of acceptable behavior, he is crushed.The L Word dvd His anger, directed inward until the final scene of the season is both at himself and at Cuddy. And to a lesser degree at Wilson for encouraging him.

Wilson may have done House a great service in the long run to have warned Cuddy, as he had Cameron back in SeasonTwo And A Half Men dvd 1 not to get involved with House if she had the least doubt. "If he opens up and gets hurt, there may not be a next time." It's a dire warning about House's fragility that Wilson gives Cameron in "Love Hurts."

Througought their Season 7 relationshipThe Wire dvd, House is driven by fear; Cuddy by ambivalence. They’re each waiting for the other shoe to drop. Cuddy is waiting for House to disappoint her; House is waiting for Cuddy to realize what a big mistake she’s made by hooking upMad Men dvd with him. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.
she is unable to separate their professional andBones dvd personal relationships, however she might try. She seems too often betrayed and disappointed by House’s professional actions, despite his reminders that his actions as “boyfriend” have to be considered differently than his professional behavior. Her disapproval is more strident.
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House M.D Season Seven
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