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 Love:mad men

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PostSubject: Love:mad men    Sat Jun 25, 2011 5:58 am

cheap Mad Men dvd It would be hard to imagine a more intelligent absorbingly an American television series - in terms of writing, acting, and images - like Mad Men. Shortly before the Sopranos final season began in late 2007, cheap Criminal minds dvd AMC introduced themselves to us during the summer of thirteen episodes of this series wonderful atmosphere created by one of the greatest writers of the series, Matt Weiner, One Tree Hill dvds that HBO foolishly pushed forward. Apparently, a series about a group of advertising agency on Madison Avenue job in advertising, fiction Sterling Cooper, in 1960, during the Nixon-Kennedy presidential contest, Gossip Girl dvds but at a deeper level of the exhibition fight with much larger questions about the 'importance of having an obsession (and marketing) happiness in the mid-century America by 20 .Series centers primarily around four characters whose lives are inextricably linked: Don Draper (Jon Hamm), a handsome advertising executive at Sterling Cooper, a few words, but a great creative gifts who hides a mysterious past, his beautiful but childlike wife Betty (January Jones), who considered completely separate work life and its neighborhoods in the city lovers, Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss), Don has a new secretary, whose naive influence and a good heart, being ruined by his ambition, huge, Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser), Account Executive smarmy, who is in his ties with Old New York "Knickerbocracy" to convince him to come. The four main actors are absolutely first class, as many of their orbits by: John Slattery as Roger Sterling, a partner who is smart and a friend of Don and his rival, a talented Christina Hendricks as a femme fatale secretary of the company head and Robert Morse, as the company of wits and an eccentric senior partner.
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Love:mad men
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