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 I like it:one tree hill

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PostSubject: I like it:one tree hill    Sat Jun 25, 2011 5:57 am

One Tree Hill dvds I came across "One Tree Hill" after a good friend of mine said. I took a look at the box and sniffed. I avoided seeing for several months, thought it would be a cheap imitation of "Dawson". cheap Criminal minds dvd I wanted something new and original. It took an episode of me completely hooked, and "One Tree Hill" to meet my high standards.Ok, so the basic plot is about half-brothers Nathan and Lucas, and basketball. Lucas (the main character) lives with his mom, cheap Mad Men dvd and playing basketball outside of school. Nathan lives with his father (also the father of Lucas) was a basketball star and wants his son to follow in their footsteps. Nathan's father denies being the father of Lucas, but everyone knows it. Lucas is asked to play college basketball with Nathan, who starts a conflict between the brothers, who had avoided each other before. The entire show is Lucas and Nathan and his friends and family, Gossip Girl dvds and makes the audience wonder what the results.Now, I'm pretty picky when it comes to television programs. I want to be original, interesting and fascinating, and leaves the audience wanting more. This show is more adult than most dramas of teenagers today, so it's a great show for kids and their parents, or just for us adults. Wink The signs are all well rounded and has a unique and interesting, and not your stereotypical "popular crowd". Each character has a unique feature that makes them easy to identify.
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I like it:one tree hill
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