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 The principle of matching handbag and clothes

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PostSubject: The principle of matching handbag and clothes   Mon Jun 13, 2011 2:00 am

Handbag is very important for women. It is not only used for storage, protect those must taking things, but also it is the pointer of overall modelling savoured.
I think women most care about is that how to match handbag and clothes? I’d like to tell you some advice. At first step: “Same color” collocation method: a bag and clothes with same color matching ways can build a very elegant feeling. For example: dark brown suit with camel bag. Second, “comparative color” collocation method: bag and clothes can also be strong contrast color; this will be a very eye-catching collocation method. The last is “neuter color and one ornament color” collocation method: namely neuter color garment match with adorn bags. Such collocation ornament color can make you look very good. Remember these tips, I’m sure no matter where you go, you must be an attractive beautiful scenery line.
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The principle of matching handbag and clothes
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