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 Woody Allen through dialogue to the Chinese movie master

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PostSubject: Woody Allen through dialogue to the Chinese movie master   Wed May 18, 2011 4:28 am

Beijing time May 12, 64 session at cannes international film festival opening in cannes, France, fan bingbing, gong li and served as director of the Hong Kong of China ShiNaSheng pretty and producer onto the red carpet legions. By Hollywood veteran star Robert deniro leading the panel also at the opening ceremonycold case complete series collective appearance, over how to select the best film, Robert deniro smile says, "like men together discussing what woman, each take good". At the opening ceremony, "the last emperor" ever taken of the Italian film masters Bernard, LuJi gotten more nursed, seems to make up for its honor palme d has never won a golden palm regret. And woody Allen's "midnight Paris" as opening piece with you all again in the film woody Allen playing through, he let actor through returned to Paris most glorious era, and Hemingway, Picasso meet gimmick such recognition. Got the general

The cannes film festival together a number of MingDao master again on the red carpet, the opening two flag-bearer Claude le French shia and robust Lawrence anwar of Agamemnon o have gray hairs, but as host appeared on the red carpet yingbin. Was too sick Italian master Bernard Theodore LuJi wheelchair nursed walked alonghow I met your mother red carpet, and from the film festival in opening the hands of chairman, Jill jacobs' get his honor, the crowd applause is sweeping through palme d.

LuJi won the bhutto killing on the eve of the revolution of 1900 of each unit and finalists cannes as chairman of the 1990, but always been palme d. He said in a speech: "I'm top have for a long time. Now I put this award to my good friend woody Allen, Robert deniro. And in Italy to criticize realistic, using the film." the people struggle

That afternoon LuJi nursed held a press conference, and he mentioned the review film experience, he said: "China filming" the last emperor "is I this lifetime the most incredible experience before filming in China. I don't know where I am a first-hand witness to the changes in China. Moreover, Chinese allow me to enter the Forbiddensimpsons on dvd City film, this is an amazing change." In addition, LuJi says, now nursed 3D piece is "who reach" o such science fiction type, but he saw wim - '3D (gf22) PiNa "literary thriller, decided to use 3D technology after shooting his new movie" I and you ".

In the opening into the hall after the vacant lot, showing the start screen one angry bull "" taxi driver" movie clips, they are the jury President Robert deniro takes on leading role of the works. In the past, the movie American soundtrack, deniro get up on stage, meet everyone applause. In addition, a panel of judgesDisney movies dvd Hollywood stars Jude lothrop, "kill bill" actress uma Thurman, maggie cheung ex-husband pizza elias, Chinese filmmaker, o ShiNaSheng etc also pretty, one appearance.

Chairman of the third as cannes Robert deniro says it won't work for the master had a partial handed down, still should see the film itself named, he says the more willing to give new opportunities, but also to some special film attention.

This year, Chinese TV screen of hot debate across the subjects trigger. And in this year's cannestudors on dvd film festival opening piece "midnight Paris" in, director woody Allen also play through, let actor Michael Owen Wilson plays writer Jill came to the end of the 19th century, and the Paris in the 1920s, and Hemingway, Picasso artists such as friends, gill chatting, even also fell in love with a live in the past of the Paris woman, finally he was this charming city move, decided to leave his fiancee settled in Paris. Film warm but not humor atmosphere let the audience rather enjoyed, and expressing with through the charm of Paris, there is quite a new idea with Chinese reporter jesting woody Allen filmed in this way XianLiPian "excellent" Paris, and "midnight Paris" is currently showed three films in the best reputation.

Leave New York's Manhattan, American directors after woody Allen in London over the years, Barcelona, etc screening, but he in media session said its own style and the way never changed. The "midnight Paris", the actor writer giles is still intellectuals, he let comedy star Owen Wilson lead role is to see him idiosyncratic,The Golden Girls dvd "do you know that he is like my opposite, I had of male leading role is New York, is the east coast, but Owen is more like the west coast person, very easygoing, like the beach lover".

Movies played Jill in Paris Owen at the midnight and Hemingway, phenanthrene this Steven gerrard, Picasso wait 1920s literary celebrities with these through out speaking, the meaning of the characters of dialogue, the audience some refer to as without certain culture art history, but also the quality wasn't very good to appreciate its charm. On to so many celebrities teasing, woody Allen said he even homework without doing, because "when I was young is the literature, art master, I had the super fan crush Hemingway, Dali, Picasso's work,mad men new seasonthey are all the idols of my youth, so they write material, it is not difficult. In the movie, Adrian brody deductive Dali is actor "meets" in the master most impressive, signboard type anise hu and the explosion of the eyes of the most viewers laugh, woody Allen said "I use a crackpot style to shape them, Picasso or Dali all right, because I hope they are not filled with depth, but funny, funny."

The French first lady bruni-sarkozy sarkozy kickbacks a museum in the film, a total of only three games commentator play, she is actor met in Paris is one of the three women. Asked how to please to first lady, woody Allen said: "I once and French President dine saw her, and invitations to let her cameo, she easily promised, andEntourage sesaons 1-7 say later can let grandchildren know I played woody Allen movies have good." Woody Allen think bruni-sarkozy's personality GuiZuQi neither man nor sleek. "she is a happy girl, she can sing, can play guitar, actress have sensitive, she's done very well".

Cannes time May 12 noon, 3D animation "kung fu panda 2" hold conference, film soundtracks actress Angelina jolie, jack black, dustin hoffman and director Jennifer more attend. "Kung fu panda 2" will be on May 28, released in China for dreamworks animation hochfrequenztechnik palm Jeffrey Carson told the reporter is expected to come to China, cast publicity, and the many characters is not spread, film end lay the basis, if still box will certainly have good "kung fu panda 3".

The 2008 kung fu panda premiere held in China's sichuan province have arranged after wenchuan earthquake was cancelled. Asked if this year "kung fu panda 2" would come China, Julie says all the creator have wanted to; And jack black is on the sidelines loudly say: "very soon, I believe that will soon come to see China'sLost dvd friends". Talking about Chinese filmmakers, Julie says she told michelle yeoh (" kung fu panda 2 "dubbing was impressed one, the hope can) with her again the face of China's reporter cooperation, she said:" ask me now is empty, welcome slotted invitation. "Chinese filmmakers
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Woody Allen through dialogue to the Chinese movie master
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