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 Johnny Depp: I've been afraid of outside commentary

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PostSubject: Johnny Depp: I've been afraid of outside commentary   Tue May 17, 2011 4:27 am

Local time, France May 14, Hollywood blockbuster "pirates of the Caribbean 4: difficult blame wave" appeared Grey's Anatomy dvdcannes, director rob Marshall, producer jerry brooke sea with Mohammed starring Johnny Depp, Penelope cruz appearances. But this would be held on May 20, the Hollywood released in China, did not have a consistent high praise in the movie, because the plot to view, progress is too slow shadow audience even dozen purred. After the film, many journalists expressed movie is very ordinary. Starring Johnny Depp when interviewed admit fear external evaluation, "I think you will like the film, if they don't like it, then we ourselves like good."

Actually back in "pirates of the Caribbean" have been released as "GouWeiXuDiao outside criticism," pirates of theDisney movies dvd Caribbean 4 "is totally blunt" captain jack "popularity custom-made2 sequel, Depp avowed actor's career is fluctuation in the curve between ups and downs, so, he can still do long" captain jack "? "People need me, I'll play. I'd like to play for a lifetime captain jack." Depp's reply.

Say "captain jack" this some neurotic roles, some say in Depp saw the shadow of marlon brando, Depp smile, which said: "I was fortunate to know marlon brando, play outside in play inspires me were deeply brando, but I dare not say 'captain jack' body have traces of brando in my idea," captain jack 'should have the 1990s rock star of theThe Golden Girls dvd temperament, I think he is skunk-like guy."

Pirates of the Caribbean preview 4 "repercussions may temporarily haven't reached Depp, the film at cannes ears, Depp prior to screening, said" I'm afraid of external comments, very afraid, so we just come to cannes (laughs). I think you will like the movie, when we put made it sure you want to bring us some fresh things; if they don't like it, then we ourselves like good."

Facing the pirates of the Caribbean "4" encircling money "to questioning, Depp disagree, he said," they think the movie is pure to earn money to clap, many people have a little bored, think of this series should be over, actually, some of the reasons for the movie, not just to earn money, some people think it is just a business, Lost dvdinvestors how much money on the movie, they expected to be quite market returns, but it's not our motives, as long as the audience need me, I'll do it."

Mariah Carey (English name: Mariah Carey, reputation: butterfly birthday: in 1970 March 27) is the very famous music singer, her because of his glorious musical history records and are often called pop diva. American media are often classified as a black singer. Because of its 2 million albums sold and numerous music search records, and five octave pent-up compass and rococo singing skills is world famous. So far in the Billboard charts with 3 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100) (ranked first

Mariah Carey 1970 was born on March 27, long island, New York, huntington town, her mother Patricia Hickey was Irish ancestry's New York City Opera's chief singer, father Alfred Carey is with Roy mixed ancestry in Africa and venezuela the aviation tomorrow days
Engineer. When 1960 mariah Carey parents get married, the United States still exists serious racial discrimination, interracial marriages are considered a taboo, their marriage can't even get kelly grandmother's approval. Over the next few years, the young couple often from various forms of society by attacking and prejudice and of no fixed sons of anarchy on dvdabode, the relationship between them also increasingly nervous. Kelly said in an interview with Jet famous magazine insists, "in the 1960s and 1970s have many racist. And I and my brothers and sisters in their eyes is the product of the kind of taboo love."

In 1974, kelly parents agreement divorces, was only three years old with mother lives. The kelly Kelly is the home a third child, her name derived from 1951 to Paint Wagon musical "famous" the song "Mariah". The Wind Call.

Have such a nurse, she alternative unruly, the work of her arbitrary alone neglect their advice and kill the patient's arrogance doctor sneering, sarcastic ridiculed, willing to give up her assassination prostitutes from a man stealing money from the relief for a she can also others just die of patients forge organ donation card she also put dexter 1-5patient dropped ears rushed into the sewer worse, she's more into hard drugs addiction, in order to get medicine at and pharmacist, OOXX... This is Jackie nurse, a prominent character in this spell able nurses and hospital of New York, is not doctors, nurses, here at the masters, can also she has a group of integral personalities colleague.

Showtime this summer medical drama < Nurse launch black > (Nurse Jackie) in charge, after < > (United pour wrong life States Of Tara), make too wood again after from women Angle, in-depth life is impermanent and life brings a helpless, a black and decadent comedy the play won an emmy and special invited to Edie Falco golden heroine, she will play the role maverick incisively and vividly, informal performance participated the city Of the Twilight > < Twilight) Peter Facinelli (also used to join the watching what feelings Of GA hideaway after the difficult-disease, it is time to change an Angle, under the different life experience all the nurses 8 June 1st < > Nurse masters

CBS drama "crazy Love" Mad (Michigan algorithmic decoder by Jason Biggs, digit) Chalke, Tyler Labine and even Judy Greer starred in, is a quite good reputation in the romantic comedy. In the first concentrated, Ben Parr and Kate in the top of the Empire State Building Swanson everyman and love at first sight, meet that night again.Supernatural seasons 1-5 They brought their best friend: Connie benchwarmer and. Connie, Connie benchwarmer despise is also despise, a benchwarmer staged this show. But in fact a benchwarmer and Connie has many similarities, but they are reluctant to put down the shelf, so can not see each other's strengths

Just go to university Seattle youth matt responsibility very heavy, perhaps for this reason that he didn't have to first today. Beautiful and rebellious k, on the contrary, she enthusiasm to matt rapidly melting temperature, the two madly in love rises sharply. But Kathy's rampant caused a serious accident. Her suicide was sent to fails, theBones dvd mental hospital. Matt for the sake of the beloved girl, desperate to will k medical "steal" cinema come out, fled to did not know anyone their place. But, on his way, matt gradually realized a he would not admit that fact: k really sick, and single on his own cannot be cured her. Matt decided to k returned to her parents' side...
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Johnny Depp: I've been afraid of outside commentary
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