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 Leonardo dicaprio and supermodel girlfriend "gossip girl" suspected of involvement

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PostSubject: Leonardo dicaprio and supermodel girlfriend "gossip girl" suspected of involvement   Tue May 17, 2011 3:50 am

The annual cannes film festival, is the international filmmakers feast, but Hollywood stars leonardo dicaprio as it "heartache of brokenhearted empress sanctuary". According to American media, with five years before Israel's love of pattaya supermodel leroy Farley proclaimed, son of formal break up, thereforeHouse MD dvd leonardo to cannes designedly trip boredom. But outside the gossip girl speculation in succession, black heroine of the intervention, leroy Foley is one of the reasons they split.

Five-year relationships on and off

This year 37 than leonardo, pattaya son leroy Israeli supermodel 11 years old, older Farley relationship once the five-year-long two astounding &inspired outside adance, but nearly two years but a deadlock. 2009 leonardo dicaprio and ba son lai Farley was make a break up, although coming together, but don't lookThe Vampire Diaries dvd like beginning so emotional intimacy. According to their a friend revealed: "their busy with his own business, usually gather from many, so less far."

This year, in early may, ba son leroy Farley has been invited to a fashion activities, but no friends and accompanied by leonardo, this be split meet the direct fuse. And in this, they broke up the relationship before have lasted for months "cold war period". According to two friends revealed, this time leonardo dicaprio and ba son lai Farley are determined according to their respective way to life, don't want to save this affection, but since they parted as friends. However, split attitude -- leonardo is different in cannes aerator on friends rented the yacht, The Simpsons dvdand a large group of beauty all-night carnival "sorrows-drowning", and ba son lai Farley is comfortable, continuous boarded in Italy and Germany GQ "cover edition.

"Gossip girl" suspected of involvement

According to the New York times and the other American media discloses, leonardo dicaprio and ba son lai Farley breakup events, perhaps the toughest "with" halfway, "gossip girl" black leroy Foley uselessly relations. Late last year, has been photographed and leonardo had black in a New York restaurant for dinner, theyThe Tudors dvd immediately efferent scandal, but afterwards, they have the news just to prove preparatory upcoming film, "the great gatsby" and meeting.

Still, recent with black leonardo scandal but more preach more fierce, men are often eat together, and aerating join friends in birthday party, also intimate talk for hours. The most awesome is, last week and witnesses said leonardo dicaprio digs into the black middle, opinion, black's "third party", however, suspected it hard to Entourage dvdshake off, said there are many fans with leonardo dicaprio looks rather sort Blake.

The royal lawyer "perspective grand, bold and fast rhythm, led the audience insight the criminal lawyers world, shows these laws are the eagle in work with pleasure the different aspects of the world. Maria zinn peck (Maxine Peake) as Costello, an age in Martha thirty years old, single, passionate middle of defense attorneys,Ghost Whisperer dvd going to apply for the royal lawyer qualification. Martha facing challenging cases and to her surprise customers. Her faith and her prejudice, her conscience, and her faith in the criminal justice system in the limit by a series of courses by the testing. Clive Reader, by ruburt PanRui - Jones (Rupert Penry - Jones) plays. He is very funny, talented but dangerous. He and Martha are of the same age, the same time at the same time is a lawyer, a royal lawyer qualification application. The court's performance in both directly affect their fate, and Clive know how to play the game. Activities.

Bbc1 booked exciting at the royal new lawyer "(SILK). The royal lawyer "is a film about life, love, and stood in the criminal law, facing difficult cases forefront lawyer story. Screenplay by relying on mini drama "justice" won the Oscar BAFTA best playwright's Peter Murray's law was written. Silk is a kind of informal commonly known as, in fact, refers to the royal legal advisor (Counsel/away 's King' s Counsel), as members, royal lawyers must be dressed in special design of the Silk gown, wear golden or gray or white, has three curly wig.

"Desperate housewives" by American broadcasting company is began in October 2004, in the TV broadcast Sunday evening at nine. The story is set in the United States -- a fictional town scenery town, described the beauty town five housewife wisteria lane married life, quarterly plot also has new lines and housewife to join.Gilmore Girls dvd The United States has won many single week viewing charts, and swept America's great multiple awards ceremony. The Desperate Housewives of the title of "quickly formed a drenched the cultural phenomenon, driving the magazines and the despair, crazy talk show the housewife agitation, more in over 130 countries and regions broadcast.

Most of the fairy tale with "the princess and the prince lived a happy life" from the crowned ending, but few people know that the prince and princess how behind marriages? Then replace the friends remember ", "sex and the city" and became the hottest soap "desperate housewives" mining "that happiness" fairy actress life truth. Star Trek Voyager dvdThe four leading lady respectively represent four distinct housewife image: single housewife Susan, perfect housewife bree osbourne, Michael knight, beautiful housewife strongmen than, four beautiful housewife fine gold, how to work without the bored women, their life looks perfectly, but actually they are using "happiness" whitewash the oneself had rags life. With their own reality broke "the prince and princess" marriage myth.
According to American writer Cecily bestselling novel "the namesake, showing the gossip girl" a private school in New York life outlook monopoly. The TV play was first to will now fashionable and popular "blog" and "mobile phone short message" these elements as a core subject, but again not let a person feel affectation, Grey's Anatomy on dvdstiff, false and worthless TV show. In this drama, high school students drink, promiscuous, mutual intrigue even drugs have become drink boiled water, eating the same quite common things.
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Leonardo dicaprio and supermodel girlfriend "gossip girl" suspected of involvement
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