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 Tang wei cannes first talk show said they just to delete "doour job"

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PostSubject: Tang wei cannes first talk show said they just to delete "doour job"   Mon May 16, 2011 4:59 am

YangXinWei Peter chan director, donnie yen, takeshi kaneshiro, tang wei Boston Legal dvdetc film starring "martial arts" recently held in cannes premiere party, a series of propaganda activities, conference, tang wei's sublime appearance also let the red carpet is no longer a fan bingbing ZhuanMei. Yesterday in cannes cast the yacht accepted the domestic media interview, rarely public appearances tang wei is still reporter focus. Facing the "vase theory", "force-out theory" as sharp questions, tang wei remained calm.

By "vase"?

Four years ago, the Venice film festival in tang wei was just a "lust, caution", the couple get lee coattails, four years later, at the cannes film festival, tang wei have takeshi kaneshiro, donnie yen two large male concomitant, become worthy of red carpet focus. Because of "lust, caution" fame, tang wei road and not, vanished fromMash dvd 2 years, big screen, still appear again is carefully.

In the back of the grand opera "martial arts, tang wei plays donnie yen's wife, an ordinary CunFu. "Martial arts" are mainly concentrated in dramatic conflicts between donnie yen and to assume the takeshi kaneshiro full-length films, the most warm part of the tang wei, the most easily buried and also the least likely to act. Movie premiereDisney dvd collection more many media questioned after tang wei role fully into "vase". Talking about their role, tang wei said, "I how should take a single mother, how see one eye kid chopsticks all don't know, to set, ask the experienced son Dan eldest brother, how to." As a director, Peter chan.it also stand up for tang wei to speak: "is such a even night back not coming to dinner all dare not ask woman, just the most moving people."

After shooting, tang wei and two "son" forged a deep friendship, even in cannes, will also calculate punctual sent to "son" phone. And the young actor in the play mother-child love, when asked whether to also want to have one of your own children, tang wei immediately respond to: "yes, reproduce not women instinct?"

By "delete play"?

According to read the construction of cut version of great early tang wei industry insiders revealed that roughly five shots, including and liu ye play MAO zedong at the first meeting, and students raise money to go to France work-study programs together in YangChangJi funeral YangKaiHui father, when street demonstrations,true blood dvd the May 4th movement, all add up part about 3 minutes, have many lines. The past times was completely deleted out its part, but are about making a denial. Recently, the delete again spread rumors play.

Tang wei in the circle of good galore, let many directors rather stand up for her. Director HePing in micro bo said: "films, finally put somebody else play all cut. The play was good, plot characters all need. Just because unspeakable and untenable DaoBuMing also couldn't TiaoMing said reason... it's bitter a girl often out top ray..." Later, director ChengZhi, WangXiaoShuai, ChengQingSong etc are forwarding the critic enumeration micro bo said force pretty.

For the markets around beside her and frequent staged delete, tang wei sees play events, said: "this is director of affair, I the play is not me something."

Helen is a sex experts, wes suddenly a magazine reporter, weston in order to write attractive story, one tree hill dvddecided to peel Helen's cause, and said she was a 23-year-old virgin in sex without any more this experience, so not cooperative work in this area. However, when the young weston really facing the sex experts and obtain a money in the period of romantic love story or choose between... Film with simple realistic, lens of single girl a Paris within one day of what happened and unfolds, the story line also single and real-time development, and classic thriller noon "in the play, as the time and real life time is consistent, all in 90 minutes, show the girl with her boyfriend, then to quarrel with some hotel work, talking again, and experienced some things hassles

Women in the tenacity of the company is being collected, then she is delicate, rely on, let people worry Dexter dvdthat if you lose partner, whether can strong live. The situation is often, once alone, women's tough will suddenly burst out, separate live, live in the vibrant.

Male external is too strong, is a bit similar material not brittleness, ferial the deformation under pressure with mountain, though, once disruptions, is deadly brittle fracture. Single day will be dim.

Mariah Carey (English name: Mariah Carey, reputation: butterfly birthday: in 1970 March 27) is the very famous music singer, her because of his glorious musical history records and are often called pop diva. American media are often classified as a black singer. Because of its 2 million albums sold and numerous music search records, andthe office dvd five octave pent-up compass and rococo singing skills is world famous. So far in the Billboard charts with 3 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100) (ranked first

Mariah Carey 1970 was born on March 27, long island, New York, huntington town, her mother Patricia Hickey was Irish ancestry's New York City Opera's chief singer, father Alfred Carey is with Roy mixed ancestry in Africa and venezuela the aviation tomorrow days
Engineer. When 1960 mariah Carey parents get married, the United States still exists serious racial discrimination, interracial marriages are considered a taboo, their marriage can't even get kelly grandmother's approval. Over the next few years, the young couple often from various forms of society by attacking and prejudice and of noEntourage dvd fixed abode, the relationship between them also increasingly nervous. Kelly said in an interview with Jet famous magazine insists, "in the 1960s and 1970s have many racist. And I and my brothers and sisters in their eyes is the product of the kind of taboo love."

In 1974, kelly parents agreement divorces, was only three years old with mother lives. The kelly Kelly is the home a third child, her name derived from 1951 to Paint Wagon musical "famous" the song "Mariah". The Wind Call.
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Tang wei cannes first talk show said they just to delete "doour job"
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