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 The great disaster movies in shock "refused to Hollywood hero. Civilians

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PostSubject: The great disaster movies in shock "refused to Hollywood hero. Civilians   Fri May 13, 2011 4:51 am

The big shock "combines computer special effects and 3D technology, the disney dvd collectionaudience can feel the moment earthquake invaluable all can not hear voice. Later workers after multiple sleepless nights will this voice again. "This voice, a terror, and will make you have not forgotten." Samuel The set of special effects teacher confidently said.

To 5 12 earthquake disaster salute civilian hero of the great shock "will be about blockbuster movie theaters across the country strong login, welcomed the new era of Chinese special effects.

And the tangshan earthquake "(critics) just a few minutes of earthquake in the great shock, compared to lens in the later effects of spend a lot of time and energy, and strive to create" Chinese edition "(critics)" 2012. Although director CuiLiXin has repeatedly said said the quotes in the hot words somehowgreys anatomy dvd become media especially, but speech expression or very approbation, at least there is China two characters. According to the special effects division has revealed he is lead team to join cui of this play exhibit its guide only, and stressful also quite rich emotional colors. In fact, at the beginning of the film, preparatory cast has not yet formally enter effects when creating discuss part Korean counterparts suddenly find crew, particularly expressed wish and the big shock cooperated in pure cast of the 3D films a cooperation agreement. The current Chinese dozens of preparatory filming of film production, only the big shock "theme and plot is especially suitable for fully display the 3D movie impact audio-visual enjoy technology. See cui guide is still expanding fudged expressions, the special effects division, throw away suddenly openings directly with Chinese translation, the Chinese urgent is still ok to express said: borrow your former leader in a word, we koreans in business "never play not ready to battle". We are has spent a lot of time and energy, to inspect the Chinese film market and is currently in the film and the China film production preparation, careful comparison, serious discussion, to find "after the cast of big shock.true blood 3 Cui guide clear reasoning, deliberately to humor that answer correct said: "never play no battle unprepared, not wars of the leader. We XueWenGu, speaking style is often not aiming for the doctor, but, this is the real narrative because everybody style. His old man's house heart containing is moments, and his words common people always let them understand. South Korean counterparts immediately took the words: yes, at this point, we are the same. We do the film, heart with the public. We moments audiovisual language total want to make them understand, look into it.

Reportedly, cui guide was really is tempted. And that very day took producer FengWei hurried to wanda Mr Cinemas, immediately recalled together all of the avesta "(critics), and illustrates the matter promptly dialed Korean counterparts phones. Mr Feng was crouching outspoken, compared with Yankee asked: how your technology? Each other with the American people revealed: than and some gap, but in Asia, in Hollywood, we are beyond the purely 3D making first-class. Mr Feng was crouching said, it's still we cooperated in the Chinese film true blood 3purely? Mr. FengWei to cui guide said: I'm not against cooperation this form, but I don't want to be the first, I pursue what show with pure Chinese or cast. Cui guide deeply agrees, enable China ahead of the great shock cast, special effects from the effects of our design actually started, equal to early from design to production, to part with the film will synthesize, lasted 16 months finish. Initially, and shot LiQianKuan XiaoGuiYun couples famed director of many times projected a senior photographer cooperation, said shooting and a swathe of unimaginable images of half took half a special effects in the future is presented in the screen is a what appearance. Although each screen shot with group of special effects director has repeatedly assured he said despite the shooting, the picture synthesis assured by their effect, responsible. He still says heart didn't bottom, then midway away from the group wondering whether to factory relevant here, once caused people guess, we are concerned. true blood dvd seasonThe explanation was cast aspects by breathing in photographer slight illness these don't fit in this explosion of work in soil dust, because every environment before filming started the epicenter of lens of a blow dust first start blower.

In the quake-hit areas to recall and documentary pictures showed earthquake, in addition to terror of strange voice echoed on the dust, is preposterous. Therefore, the same heroine heard in sound recording the extraordinary filmed password: prepare - blower (or dust, blow up) -- boot, begin... And every time after the OK with director, always a yell: la, shut blower. The group of people to let the blower thoroughly the whole collapsed. Everybody said: in those days, it was a struggle in a sandstorm live in. So, as everyone in our work with masks, thoughncis season dvd with preventing SARS. Even so, most people have varying degrees of developed cough, crew to everybody everyday issue cough medicines, is also the liquid to a watch doesn't get to the root of the lane mental comfort just. The most severe cough is director CuiLiXin. Cui guide temperament nasty, his constant talk, disrelish wore masks matter, a pair of masks aren't wearing dirty, will pull down as he threw, said he now. From the third day started coughing, until shutdown, into the post-production room another month, just completely healed, everybody calls him for whooping cough, is so quit cigarettes.

The big shock "combines computer special effects and 3D technology, the audience can feel the moment earthquake invaluable all can not hear voice. Later workers after multiple sleepless nights will this voice again. "This voice, a terror, and will make you have not forgotten." Samuel The set of special effects teacher confidently said.

Starz wired finally announced the focus of the era of king Arthur costume advertises holy city, stormriders one tree hill box setCamelot) date (the holy city stormriders premiere in Camelot) (April 1, 2011, the eastern U.S. premiere booked time Friday night is 10 points in the first quarter of archives, for 10 sets. Will fill the "spartacus" prequel "spartacus: god of the arena after show.he wide open.

This show and familiar BBC magic opera Merlin legend "(Merlin was too similar) are described as The adult, story, including Merlin (Arthur from The future Merlin)" (FlashForward) of shem Joseph Fiennes plays The Arthur), Arthur (from The version of The Prisoner of azkaban (Jamie Campbell Bower Prisoner) played by Guinevere Britishsons of anarchy on dvd young beauty, Tamsin Egerton impersonation, witch Morgan le fe (namely "Merlin legend" by bond The morgana) Green girl played Eva.

The story after uzziah the king sudden death harp, archmage merlin uzziah the king from folk found the harp and the bastard Arthur on the throne, rotary can let split hope Arthur empire together. Meanwhile, Arthur nathan39; s sister, the witch Morgan le phillips has long coveted the throne to use including dark magic, all the means to put away, Arthur. The power struggle in mortal, Arthur met beautiful blonde girl on oath Nashville, Gwen, to take her to the queen. But merlin and Morgan has become a pair of mutual admirationdexter 1-5 of enemy.
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The great disaster movies in shock "refused to Hollywood hero. Civilians
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