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 The green land to the blind "with American play book city prison break PK

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PostSubject: The green land to the blind "with American play book city prison break PK   Fri May 13, 2011 4:41 am

11, known as the Chinese version of the prison work "green blind" officially land grand literary operationthe big bang theory platform cloud bookstores. Scheduled for December 17 in four TV broadcast of the work by the long-running TV sarft emergency stop and delay 2 months, more let the audience to broadcast the works produced great expectations. This "green blind" landing the cloud, satisfying the bookstores. Expect many viewers 24's

The kuomintang cointelpro war period reflect the theme of works, escape war that was available responded with a comment beyond American shows that most likely the Prison (Prison Break) work. A few years ago the Prison American play at home since the Internet frenzy triggered watch is still not subsidise, heat stars asmi5 on dvd Michael miller's more enthusiastic call for domestic young handsome, the fans of rice to count the number is. The green blind "together by grand literature ShiWenHua book publishing its company, its the long-running TV will broadcast, paper books, China mobile phone reading, topfond listen to ShuWang audio novel has all the potential channels such as online. This novel fusion of today's most of IN hardboiled elements: bourne wars, agents, top-secret, prison break. The authors carefully constructed a field with absolute death game, prison win great story, if the circumstances are subtle showdown, suspense, wily for readers who showed a ravishing "chinese-style took the prison".

A literary contest two-time champion to attack

"Green ZhangHaiFan blind" is based on the original fiction "qing blind adaptations, escaped by acquired sinaGhost Whisperer collection 4th literature JingXuFeng udpse, famous writers, sina fifth literature contest gold winner, xinrui ZhangHaiFan to young writers writers of tong together to build China's first aired, the theme of novel cointelpro prison. Fight JingXuFeng and ZhangHaiFan now have already successful transition, during launch their own outstanding constantly film script, such as "national treasure Jin days of BaoXia", "snow leopard", "big trickster" etc, become domestic xinrui writers of the most active,house M.D. dvd most fresh blood.

A wonderful story achievement products. Bourne wars

The story of green blind is exquisite, bourne war content incorporates the novel today most of IN chemical element: bourne war, agents, top-secret and break-jail etc. The story happened in early 1947, the self-conscious top-secret mission of our party agents "kitten" just arrived in chongqing, then at the enemy's big cleaning accidentally office on dvdarrested, held to be called ChaChiNanFei secret prison "baishan hall". A crisis, code-named "A" ace agents, the kuomintang party ZhangHaiFeng munitions place, deputy director of chongqing, active exposure was perched on the identity arrested into baishan hall, knowing it is an impossible task, but A but must be implemented. ZhongTong and JunTong forces in the kuomintang, facing the baishan hall of tangled skein of careful inspection and everywhere trap, no more conditions, all can only rely on wisdom. The whole rescue process in danger every minute piece is A gamble, A step with prison brothers in peril, jedi rebirth, baishan hall staged A ravishing prison took the Chinese! The author with powerful story structure, meticulous plots and exciting suspense Settings, will be one of the fresh character image evident in paper, such as readers want them, but real, cruel almost unimaginable.

A "green blind" don't lose American shows more to force, the novel to read

Since Prison drama "the beauty of the broadcast, film and television and the novel escaped a subject big heat, but compared bones dvd seasonwith the green Prison, the blind" of "rather appear some pediatrician. In the green blind ", JunTong and ZhongTong gymnasium baishan has been infighting with fire and water, constantly, potential from guard to curator notting have is not the roles of the vicious, LaoGanJuHua sinister. A maze two forces in the kuomintang land, knowing it is A mission impossible, but A with wisdom and courage, silence and tenacious in baishan hall to the underground mined, he turned, and turneth, ducks, run-up, jumping - A tried and tried idiom, finally took lost dvd collectionrescue object and dries the helpers to prisoners escaped jedi rebirth. This novel intricate plot, ups and downs, always let a person in the most desperate silver lining to swiftly when McLean, results, but the but again are sensible. While playing A wade in and beauty and the biggest difference lies in: Michael A have belief. This belief into life, for his beloved country and national remain firm faith, then seeking A bright for this faith that, the way A body emits more enchanting radiance.

By popular actor with drama in and wei, WangLiKun, LiuXiangJing ShaYi, SuYan, WuXiuBo, starring distinguish right, if the two and a half men seasons 1-7circumstances are nervous tension and dye-in-the-wood, exchange, a rare wonderful group of play. To cope with the broadcast television, "qing novels of synchronizing blind, the first version of printing, let love 100,000 volumes cointelpro, readers can fight Tuesday.

The green blind "through the access cloud bookstores and will access operators, covering such a terminal or channels to almost all digital publishing channels. In recent years, the grand literature in the original electronic reading market has been dominated the leading status. Its build open e-book subscription platform, in addition to the vast cloud bookstores network literature outside, synchronous attracted hundreds of writer and press. Whether former heavyweight writers wang ALai, mo yan, a McCallister family travel tradition, the best, or young writer han han, gold girls dvd collectionare already, guo jingming their works on the cloud of operation sales. Book city Recently, the cloud bookstores and released the first list, this suggests that digital books, the cloud has established and book city between authors and readers and the benign circulation interaction.
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The green land to the blind "with American play book city prison break PK
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