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 Deniro "terror" cannes film festival opening film demonstrated Bruni

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PostSubject: Deniro "terror" cannes film festival opening film demonstrated Bruni   Thu May 12, 2011 4:06 am

The 2011 French cannes film festival opened this morning.Cold Case dvd By woody Allen, the French first lady Carla Bruni in a "midnight Paris" will serve as opening film for the cannes film festival begins. However, this going to coming to the red carpet Carla Bruni 10, she announced for "personal reasons" would not attend the cannes film festival.

Film festival opening draws near, busy, all the but again appear sleek -- staff in cannes movie palace of the festival hung a huge poster. This year's design style, the picture, render black with geometric meaning of Numbers and famous actress, the elegance of the eu downer fee image set eachone tree hill dvd series other off becomes an interest.

The workers are busy cleaning work to make the last stair, ready to lay on the red carpet welcome from allSpartacus dvd of the world's top stars. In the movie palace in the news center, flank from all over the world queue forme the reporters, photographers and camera reporter has begun to enter working condition, they don't pass any details, long lenses, short scenes, tripod all sent went up use, the mirror reporter has on the beach, roadside began attachment interview...

Originally, cannes expect bruni-sarkozy can bring popularity, demonstrated by her, woody Allen director romantic comedy "midnight Paris will serve as the opening of the movie, the film tells 1920's, a pair of young engaged couples to Paris, because business relations in experienced and past very different new things laternew dexter, they start thinking about" what is a better life ". In the film, bruni-sarkozy visiting a museum curator, no lines of France's first lady, this is the big screen debut. "The French first lady bruni-sarkozy each step onto the red carpet", it was the cannes film festival to solicit popularity's ace in the hole. But on the day in the opening, "news" from for "personal reasons" Bruni will not attend.

Didn't "French first lady" the gold-lettered signboard, cannes still have stars: competition drama "tree of life" starring brad Pitt, Sean Penn premiere will appear on the red carpet, pirates of the Caribbean "4" captain jack "Johnny Depp will bring his piece together the lover Penelope cruz, and appear" kung fu panda 2 "voice of the elite Angelina jolie, dustin hoffman will present, oscar-winning actress meryl streep made her first will also took her starred in" iron lady "came to cannes.

But the jury collective appearance will be more eye-catching. The jury is an old guy chairman Robert deniro, the judges have uma Thurman and Jude lothrop such images ShiNaSheng, director, producer throwback pretty rare in these two Hong Kong also among the jury.

As miners and central England duty offspring, Kate really somebody else is basically "civilianhow I met your mother princess". Her mother's grandfather was a miner, then south moved to London, thus started this family social class rise trip.

Thirty years ago, Kate's parents, Michael and carol Middleton in British airways couples because of this relationship, and acquaintances. Kate's father is a pilot, when he was the son of an aviation dispatcher, but carol is a flight attendant.

They decided to get married seven years later, business, sales party supplies, this makes them millionaires, once again changed his family's fate.

Middleton couples in their big daughter Kate and prince contacts with dignity 8 years, has been kept silent.Scrubs dvd However, both this approach failed to stop media taunt, the couple now and again by media described as lengths to let their children prior to upper-class nouveau riche.

Middleton married couples in 1980, there were three children: Kate, born in 1982, January 9, Pippa, born in 1983; And James, born in 1987.

Business success makes Kate parents conditional moved in Berkshire a large house, but that they have three children send the conditions MoErBo le college into. This is one of the UK's most expensive school, yearly tuition reached 3 million pounds.

These eight years, Middleton home only after a public statement published in November, is after announced theirGossip Girl dvd engagement Kate. Michael Middleton dress with a gentleman in the home, he and his wife announced on his daughter was "very happy" engagement. He said: "we know very much about William. We all thought he was good and we like him very much. They are a cute couple."
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Deniro "terror" cannes film festival opening film demonstrated Bruni
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