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 "Midnight Paris" : masterful through piece humor and magic

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PostSubject: "Midnight Paris" : masterful through piece humor and magic   Thu May 12, 2011 3:53 am

Can continue with the same way to express the same subjects film directortrue blood dvd is not much, becomes a master's more rare, woody Allen did. The organizing committee chose him "cannes midnight" series second film festival at the Paris "open prelusive, it is advisable. Do not say first master for film festival on newsstands Friday made high fundamental key, but French first lady screen debut, it attracted numerous media (especially law media) enough attention, all sharing of people.

The film tells the writer Jill (Owen Wilson).shebeginstofall and fiancee (rachael McAdams adorn) premarital came to Jill was looking to Paris on vacation and when midnight remembered, gill was accidentally take an old car, so every midnight will magical back to the beginning of the twentieth century, and that the golden ageGrey's Anatomy dvd many great artists astronomers encounter spree, Jill thus met Picasso's beautiful lover (Mary Leon cotillard personate) and the fall in love with. Since then, day and night is an ideal and reality, Jill finally at midnight expanding the Paris wandered off...

Still, the same magic realism with comedy shell wrapped pessimistic kernel, although there is no "midnight Barcelona" that make a person surprizing, but 74-year-old woody Allen level not allowing this song, will write a euphemistic song Paris small forever. And the Spanish hot to burning wild cadence is different, Sons of Anarchy dvdthe entire movie filled with drizzle infiltration of old color, languid is lazy cunning and stubborn, hold is French itchy place, indeed as expected is master of temperature.

Since "Anne hall" on, love relationship is an important topic in the film Allen. Woody Allen not deny the uncertainty of love and death on the unpredictability of fear, to bring in the "Paris" films, Allen also borrow Jill mouth speak directly "death has always been the biggest fear". But compared with previous exploration, Allen in "Paris" apparently[url=http://www.seriesonsale.com/DVDs/The-Big-Bang-Theory-Seasons-1-3-DVD-Box-Set-395.htmlBig Bang Theory dvd[/url] more calm some of this let its thinking for a lifetime in the topic, have the taste of a conclusion indistinct. Although still not so sure, but over seventy, master also thinks that he can take out some thinking trembling, so the result of the end of the "Paris" more than previous work, also more clear, determined to more positive. Allen how much work because before ending "compromise" and unsatisfactory, showed "Paris" is the halfling calmly open-minded, "nostalgic" is just an excuse to heart, is the means, once found, why not let go to pursue? This may also be woody Allen in recent years in Europe have found new linger existence move.
This existence feeling was Alan with "through" form reflect. Use magic realism to solve practical difficulties of woody Allen in the film is not the first time use "through" form, the invincible beautiful love ", "Cairo purple roses" is more or less the elements, but through space at the Paris "is using the most thorough. "Cinderella" at zero pointNCIS NAVY dvd back to reality, gill bell is the common back into the past, both before and after the time node is the existence move. In reality, Jill many appear some incompetent and antipathetic, compared with the bride's friend Paul, Jill sense of presence in this environment, he has not found in feel helpless and resonance, and confusion. And at midnight Paris, true inner lead him to find have been eager for life even feelings, existence feeling here is suddenly amplifier, Jill therefore have different vigor. This existence feeling perhaps against uncertainty and the unknown force, the movie is so composed and powerful, laugh with awake throughout thinking.

However, and now popular "qing wear" story, "crossing" is to have "the essential nest egg". If the two first jing bodily poetry, through back will be cold Chen. If it were not so of western culture art enough about, see "midnight Paris" must be confused. When Hemingway, Picasso, Dali, bloom Elmer, Stan miss if youBones dvd left close right adjacent sort appear in your life, but you could, what magic socialist surprise whatsoever? Also do wasted through thoughts. This masterful

Escape from prison, the prisoners escaped. American TV series "prison break" in all four seasons, is about a tale of redemption, Criminal Minds dvdMichael scofield's brother John Lincoln convicted of murder has been invested in the infamous skyjacker fox river. Although all the evidence pointed out that Lincoln is the murderer, Michael believes that elder brother was innocent. Lincoln's execution day approached, more and more in no other choice, Michael gunmen stormed a bank, arrested Lincoln's side. As a civil engineer Michael involved in a redesign of the prison and figured out of here, he designed the complete, lj prison only purpose is to regard Lincoln save was born days and also its innocence.

Michael scofield's education background makes people wonder why he will commit the crimes like. In Mortan high Two and a Half Men dvdschool perfect performance he graduate with excellent results in Chicago, Loyola university has made civil bachelor's and master's degree in civil engineering. The Schofield were arrested before he employed by Chicago Schaum Maxwell Middleton, a very famous company, is a structural engineer. He tried to rob national savings bank Chicago distinguish seized, without amounts to more than 50 million dollars. The trial, Scofield no defense, only offered to near the level of his Chicago jails.
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"Midnight Paris" : masterful through piece humor and magic
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