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 "The thor" critics

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PostSubject: "The thor" critics   Wed May 11, 2011 4:59 am

May 8th national release the summer season of Hollywood blockbuster "Raytheon", it is aimless Marvel) Wisconsin (according to its comic adaptation, in the legend's fantasy epic, seems to be in order to further spread the film has connotation, view the shadow please rapid "Wisconsin aimless and glorious tradition, hero chips cold case on dvdin Britain chose specially classical stage big names Irish guy director Kenneth - on case, trying to brigham for this from northern myth of the comic big screen version of the taste of add some more Shakespeare. Unfortunately, the plot and emotional, too - but again spoke lengthy trivial, cause most of the time the only drowsy, made such a mediocre comic book hero piece, only to slice a line to describe: "they brain must be hammer hammer!"
Plot vomit trough: into theater watching American play into the theatre, very depressed

The movie version of Raytheon is changed from famous aimless and its classic comic book Wisconsin, Cold Case dvd
where the absolute actor torre is the myth of the "boreal Europe" father of the gods son of Odin, because carrying a handle "the hammer" and wham Raytheon clinking. But a minority putin-assertiveness and impulse in celestial tegether initiative started this war, so be demoted into the earth to learn how to learn to become a hero. However, at this time, but by its Odin hattush earthling thone originally adopted son Loki is the son of the giant of rocky rival, and have been jealous god could inherit the thor king in his position, torre also need return to the heavenly planets, reforming ChaoGang...

Ok, just see plot introduction, everyone would be a little confused? Yes, to clear characters relations, knowmad man dvd
background story, may also on view before reading some Scandinavian myth shadow do some homework to do so. But the film with minutes after nearly one hour to introduce in China with this section audience 80 percent don't know MoJi the mythological background, let a person drowsy, wait until "otherworldly" thor condescend to kids, make a many jokes, becomes a bit after looks, but viewers have wood points have the patience to. Read the screening in succession, if want to deride the audience the films of performance these stories said understand, may want to take a whole season on American TV to clarify. God horse all want to say, only god horse all say don't understand, this is the biggest took the thor ".

Male master give prize: RenGaoMaDa muscle beauty GouWei face fresh quite

In general, the entrance to watch a comic book hero piece, either the original audience fans, or is a big occasion to blunt. You don't have the connotation of movies there are many exacting, if not stuffy don't boring can (unfortunately the film lank and boring), if the hotties contribute a seductive, belong to a surprise. The more South Park dvd
powerful cast call, Anthony Hopkins, asano has refused all etc is faithful, actress Natalie portman award winning actor following the blessing is as a red, just unfortunately the film didn't show connotation and acting opportunity, so is more than gold squad play soy sauce just, especially the newly crowned miss actress performance space is small to outrageous. But fortunately, actor thor's, actor Chris haim leavenworth muscles beauty, still can have the effect of xingnao refreshing.

The deep bench than slices squad, Chris classmate basically a newcomer, the most famous works before but alsoSpartacus Blood and Sand dvd in star trek plays captain kirk had two minutes, "torre uncover the little face, but 1 meter tall, 91 trenchant and rampart curvy shape, and PingTouZhengLian looks, looks quite handsome enjoys a comic book hero of. The physique, plus youths is still ok acting, basically achieved put this hero made lived efficacy,scrubs seasons 1-9
given its preparatory always aimless willy comic book hero hodgepodge movie "avengers also coming soon, it seems the handsome boy will be in the us, this view is fully is a Gospel?

Surprise owe serve: fewer eggs quadrature make a good effects can only

Although in the trailer, everyone was through found iron man that old boy and came running to existence feeling, but in fact in domestic release version, you just saw little Robert downey just uncover in darkness fell asleep half side face, the audience the and absent-minded basic it won't notice. The legendary song eggs in domestic has also proven not released version appeared, this call keen to see eggs audience may feel a bit boring.

While general as a comic book hero piece strengths effects, probably would have called hope to be shockedGossip Girl on dvd the audience slightly disappointed point, although also appeared frequently the grand spectacle, and ice world ice giant magical quick-frozen fighting method, the effect also compare beautiful ornate, but a little imagination owe serve, lack the audience shouted "WOW" hard violence. Delicate is very delicate, just regular probably also can just barely gather together a good. In the end, the film is like a five gang child, various aspects are trying to balance, also done can also, but is lack of the shares that people like little effort, skilled but lovely, prudery and lackOne Tree Hill dvd
of imagination, ray is no ray, regrettable that give people didn't what sentiments of desire.
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"The thor" critics
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