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 Want more security officers to 700 bustling continually carnival in cannes

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PostSubject: Want more security officers to 700 bustling continually carnival in cannes   Tue May 10, 2011 4:46 am

Is a "top" swaying of the season, the first 64 in cannes film festival opened 11 local time.
south park tv series Because of financial turmoil than a few years ago cut costs and impact, pictures of exhibition "have desire," the cannes film festival squad welcomed long-unseen carnival finally. And in order to ensure that all eight "smooth", this year the coastal city in special circumstances increased security efforts.


Welcome "hot" beautiful piece gathered master patrolling

MingDao from long dormant, terrence to Hollywood's lovers, malek guest Pitt, Julie, plus "the French first lady" bruni-sarkozy visiting opening piece "midnight Paris", the cannes film festival, which aims to build a throwback to a big shots, the film festival a topic on topics.

"Without a doubt, this year's main competition unit history's most first-class is cannes one of the team." mad men dvd seasonThis is the cannes film festival, blessed art guidance on opening day, elliot metallocene before the big ambition out. This year a total of 20 film compete for the golden palm "prize, one of the most compelling way, terrence sculpture malek the tree of life". The film by academy award winning actor Sean Penn and Hollywood actor brad Pitt popularity co-stars in 16, will hold premiere ceremony.

"For it to please the cannes, the tree of life" is especially important, because this is our warm hearted hope more than a year of work, "the French film magazine critic javier hot per-hakan gessle said," I hope it can become an epic." Another critic mark library gaza also have disagreed, "" tree of life" is the most exciting film director, how I met your mothercompared with some focus his hometown, terrence malek films about living meaning this macro proposition."

In addition, the Spanish director pedro AErMoDuoWa "our habitat of the skin", Belgium in the cycling young brother "and the Danish director lars von tyrell" depression "and so on is also quite high attention outside piece. Some competition "Cannes film festival, which reflects the film the status quo, and the latter reflects the state of the world", special paper, f metallocene elliot said, "all of the selected films, must bear up" deserves the title of ""."

Don't "make" extra manpower to strengthen security

The scenery outside competition unit also nots allow to miss, including "kung fu panda 2" voice actor jack blackdvd series, Angelina jolie, pirates of the Caribbean 4 "starring Johnny Depp, Penelope cruz, and French native actress Catherine Genevieve, etc, are all expected to Gardner ChengDaGong carpet on.

And by the American veteran male movie star Robert deniro led panel, also collected uma Thurman, Jude lothrop and Chinese judges ShiNaSheng, and other well-known filmmakers, pretty. "In recent years, the stars are always enough to cannes force, but this year should be able to make people look something!" A French fans online message way. Excited

Stars gathered in nature is a blessing, however, how to maintain these big trip safety, also became one of the organizers of the Paramount consideration. In view of "osama bin laden is death", the following influence, a police spokesman said: "undeniable, as a gathered in the many celebrities, and the American star international activities,Gossip Girl on dvd
its itself faced with a certain potential risks." Therefore, the cannes film festival organizing committee this year increased security coefficient designedly, adding many people. Fyi, this year will have nearly 700 police officers on the relative position in ShouZhi festival.

Cruz: variable dance theatre fighting

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 "fantasy premiere

Shouting to cannes upcoming pirates of the Caribbean 4: the wave of violent blame,scrubs seasons 1-9 Penelope cruz has pioneered in American Disneyland the carnival addiction, costumes attended a full of surprises and magical hues of outdoor 3D first showing ritual. Talked about in pirates of the Caribbean 4 "filmed during pregnancy experience, she just admitting there were no serious problems," because I have certain dance skills, director rob Marshall close to put many dozen play "adaptation" into a series of dance movement, this also let me soon." It is reported, pirates of the Caribbean 4 "on May 20, will be released in North America.
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Want more security officers to 700 bustling continually carnival in cannes
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