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 Bowing to admit deny detonation 1992 tears artisan drugs list

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PostSubject: Bowing to admit deny detonation 1992 tears artisan drugs list   Tue May 10, 2011 4:38 am

The 2011 May 10th in Beijing in Hong Kong with poisoned detained by police ten nine daysbones 1-5 of 1992 (micro bo), since last Thursday morning released yesterday after mysterious, finally drive in Beijing press conference, 1992, and weep sobbing at all three degrees, he bowed expectations and stressing that there is no excuse for out to the police, in exchange for entertainment drugs list released earlier.

Last month in Beijing a 1992 between 15 days for skewers in poison and police arrested, detained by 19 days later, on Thursday released, mysterious yesterday finally drive in Beijing. Remember recruit metasomatism events Because this is the first meeting with the press release 1992, therefore attract over 100 media present interviews.

Take no questions as draftcold case on dvd read

Dressed in black suits, white shirts, 1992, the left hand wearing beads 2 o 'clock yesterday afternoon news conference, but his girlfriend appears LuoLiNa no accompanying attend. In only lasted about 10 minutes on the 1992 written called a face of serious, take no questions, complete with early to write good notesSpartacus Blood and Sand dvd scripted, said to excited place can't help tears SOB. He said: "selection in my hometown Beijing open press conference, is like everybody witness I start my life, where I fall, was there. I stand to mass said sorry, let everybody worry, everyone please accept a MiTuZhiFan men the most sincere apology."

1992 and spent a lot of space is emphasized that he was for a list of entertainment circle drugs to people, like the suspicion that "now"! He said: "there are media say me to the police for a partner and heavyweights, someone just involved some more lalitasana days come in, says this is a mouth, I emphasize that my self not scrubs seasons 1-9say irresponsible words, police say wade poison the list is groundless, I repeat my bad behavior in poison is personal entertainment has nothing to do with anyone."

Then deny that were convicted 1992 compulsory rehabilitation, life in prison, and the death penalty, he said: "I can see everyone standing here, because I have to accept the penalty, I offended law of the People's Republic of China on public security administration punishment law article 72 of the first and second, hope the media no inaccurate reports, don't rub it in. In this about 20 days of prison life, I feel life commendable, free commendable, if my experience can make the person, I lost the incident is not wasted." trip

Do extraordinary man

1992 and assure you after will regrouped, do a real man. He said: "for many years my performance Gossip Girl on dvdgive everyone a lot of happy memories, I don't expect everybody can wipe go I this ignoble memory, but I sincerely thank you to make the trust my hand, I promise I will no longer contact with drugs, I promise, when you act with a more sincere, the more sunshine, more extraordinary man - 1992!"

In addition, 1992 and kiss writes "apology letter", the content is mainly press conference text version. 1992 yesterday accepted assistant said in a telephone interview: "1992 very attentively write this letter to love his fans see, to everybody and public metasomatism his mood. (when?) haven't fixed return to work, there are a lot of TV and movie looking for him, but he wants to choose a moment to represent him only play the role of mood."

Find life finally woman 1992

Yesterday in 1992, has written recruit part is thanks to always support and waiting for his fans,star trek enterprise dvd
family and girlfriend, grateful they accompany oneself spend life the most difficult times. Earlier than the public security arrested by the mainland 1992, he mentioned in the clip also addicted to LuoLiNa because jobless girlfriend, often feel emptiness lonely, thus dissipate sorrows, plus their drugs to LuoLiNa pampers and indulge, there DuHai, someone to make early from drug addiction, reach a girlfriend tethered point.

Admit unfilial family live

In 1992, gathered about his girlfriend on record low, even experience life, but have not forsaken cummer are have given biggest support admitting this experience, 1992 to he found true love and life finally a woman, has decided to make the other side become the happiest person in the world, and no longer let the other side is injustice.

In addition to thank his girlfriend outside, because their unfilial 1992 also family, also live and media coverage, make parents appreciate that its news. And to his character fans truth "if you not to leave, I will not abandon", make inspired, feel is 1992 adversity of friendship.

Provide drug mild sanctions

At a press conference in 1992 self-proclaimed violated the law of the People's Republic of China on public securitythe hills dvd seriesadministration punishment law 72 first item and the second provision. It is reported, the first provision means illegally holding opium less than two hundred grams, heroin under 10 grams or other small drugs, the second is pointing to others to provide drugs.

Lawyer is slightly administrative sanctions HuangGuoTong says, he said: "most teens 20 days, plus detained sent money. I think he may talk before many things, less than punishment cases involved. (affect him to Hong Kong?) that will not."

Press MoShaoCong 1992 comparison

Since 1992 MoShaoCong and after his arrest, both involving poison successively held a press conference law and order dvdto apologize, and account events. MoShaoCong held last week in the mainland, was attacked simple press conference before his attitude frivolous, therefore held a press conference in Hong Kong performance seriously. And yesterday in 1992 when held a press conference in Beijing, the more a number of SOB tears.
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Bowing to admit deny detonation 1992 tears artisan drugs list
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