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 American play "the mysterious melting" second-richest

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PostSubject: American play "the mysterious melting" second-richest   Mon May 09, 2011 3:52 am

The end of 2006, the American FOX television (FOX) received a statement from the oed Chinese Internet users. He writes: "we, the world's largest netizen population and prison break the most active, most loyal audience, when that 14 sets will be arranged in late January next year when we feel matchless and two and a half menbroadcast of anger and despair, urged the FOX modify own plan..." Although it is impossible to get fox's response, but China "beauty fans" but so emerging. This is a major after 80, 90 by after the vast and passion constitute the group. The emergence of this group from a mysterious group - with Chinese subtitles for American shows the subtitle group, even netizens think: "beauty play in China's development is almost completely subtitle group contribution."

A beautiful drama, 10 hours broadcast introduced into China's netizens hands

Beijing time 9:00 am xu, a U.S. television just show.he episode of drama. A few minutes later, 0 - / organization and the BT web site in foreign released this collection of dramas, but no video Avi format marquee subtitle group called sources. - "0" meaning/new software for games, movies, and in "zero" days cracked, on the Internet around the world share for free. They use television card will American TV recording down to BT etc point-to-point transmission mode of foreign release, different in different suffix team name, among which discriminatingbones tv series genres and XOR LOL - most famous American TV sources.

9:15, Chinese Internet users can download directly by BT website to 0 - / the sources, but provide the process often takes a few hours. And subtitle group is commonly borrows by members of the abroad (usually students or Chinese), will sources from foreign BT website to domestic subtitles group of the FTP server. In order to win more abundant translation time, some subtitle group will also make foreign members first will upload the Korean server sources, domestic member again from South Korea server to download to local FTP, this can greatly curtailed sources transmission time, sometimes only ten minutes. Meanwhile, in foreign crew also for recording English subtitles. Subsequently, recording personnel through MSN or QQ will English subtitles, the latter to subtitles director and cold case collection
the task of each link of personnel assigned to below. If no ready-made subtitles, the subtitle group can choose only the most painful way -- listen to the translation of Chinese.

10 when xu, sources has spread to the server subtitle group inform related personnel, subtitle director download. Get video, time axis personnel began operating, clean up the English subtitles for its the ads, and with time axis part, namely "from a few seconds to a few minutes few seconds, a character what I said". Do time axis is a meticulous live carelessly may rightly or wrongly, time, if encounter fight scene, that is more a dizzying. Generally speaking, a skilled time axis personnel probably need two hours to fix a 45 minutes of the film.

12 when xu, subtitles director received matchs good time axis, assigned to the English subtitles translate. TheSpartacus:Blood and Sand number of television because each translation and different, if is popular play, in general, at least three or four translator with, each responsible for a paragraph. Must KanPian translation, don't allow "* * turn". In order to drive time, in the translation process, general seldom communicate their Google.

At about 14, and translation work completed, immediately transmitted to proofread personnel, the latter is responsible for correct translation errors, unified translation style, and re-examine time axis.

16 when, upon the completion of the subtitles made, proofreading governors hang on video subtitles last close scrutiny, then will complete subtitle file released on the net at present domestic biggest striker caption website). Normally, subtitle group will also take simplified Chinese converts traditional format, along with English subtitles, alone together with the pack available for download.

18:00, users can download to embedded within the TV show Chinese subtitles.

A beautiful drama, introduced into Chinese Internet users from broadcast to hand, the wholescrubs on dvd process is not more than ten hours.

Subtitle group from harvard thering is no lack of world-famous universities such as students

Generally, each subtitle group has its own key, translation different repertoire, before even each group is Shared by all the subtitles, each other can bring presser. But, for some, like prison break so popular plays, subtitle group will do our utmost to rob "starting" (the first release subtitles), and even sent dozens of extensive squad rotation for the show ". Allegedly, according to a striker nets data show that prison break in the second quarter, the oldest thirteen episodes aired the subtitles quickly issued by download 1 million times, and threeGossip Girl on dvd hours after another subtitles, upload download 1 in 10 of insufficient it. This number may explain why subtitle group to a race against time to grab "starting", however, this kind of competition and business is irrelevant, besides can improve the subtitle group and BBS popularity outside, "starting" almost can't bring any substantive returns.

Although a mature, compact processes but, subtitle group is extremely loose, not be strictly organization. Its members spread all over the world, no so-called office place, all with their own computer work, through the network connection. Because are unpaid volunteer translation, working hours, want to turn what plays all by theirhow I met your mother dvd
hobbies application, don't want to do as long as send a post explain can always leave. So the subtitle group turnover is frequent, like TLF subtitle group, more than 500 lovers said for its work, both after 80, also have some 70 even after 60, a considerable portion is overseas, there is no lack of world-famous universities such as harvard students.

Small west (a pseudonym) into the subtitle group of time, just right is a senior, course basic has completed the, there was plenty of time. "Can you apply for to succeed the key question is whether ability, doesn't require you to show what English certificate," the small west explained, "translate well by eventually American TV fans inmad man dvd
BBS you nod, often can see them how to evaluate a play to have double." Now the small west graduated nearly three years has is a white-collar, change a few times, but never give up work subtitle group. Although overtime and travel are the norm, but as long as there is the translation work, small west is spelled a life to stay up also will finish it in time. There is a post in the online counterparts: "small west members of the translation groups basic 24 hours a day is the kind of on-line, on-call, midnight sleep dead but beep ten minutes can arrive, even if in the wild repast can also a message of half an hour to get home fire brigade talent..."

Although is amateur translation, but many beautiful fans are considered, subtitle group translation "is a much better than on the DVD," and unlike regular, professional translation so stiff. Subtitle group common young, like the translation of use of nowadays popularity language and small humor. And the beauty of the fall in 2010 for the "force", "god horse" and "clouds" these current network hot words emerge in endlessly, and even a simple "you know" just can win in front of a computer users a hearty laugh.

In addition to small west so the self-proclaimed "shrimp" outside, the circle and many "legend of the man South Park dvd
of god. The Shin3 just for American Indian culture extremely fascinated, when just determine translation "western stormriders, he immediately QingYing family turn over. From then on, like a Shin3 spell, often don't eat not to sleep eight hours to a turn is. Reportedly, once saw the indians were killed while he wiped the scene, while a knock on the keyboard to tears, unaware of ecstasy. Word Most exaggerated once is turn to finally suddenly found keyboard the sticky, a see unexpectedly is a bloody nose. But "gossip girl" initial translation koala now become a star, everyone online peremptory has her public homepage, her fans add maxed out several QQ group, send her posts are often fans of hot debate, forward...
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American play "the mysterious melting" second-richest
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