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 The most 2010 American TV star Top 10 breakthrough

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PostSubject: The most 2010 American TV star Top 10 breakthrough   Fri May 06, 2011 3:27 am

Alexander - the single poison mom nigel DE "(Weeds)

Many people may not know is in nigel DE Alexander - for animation finding Nemo Nemo clown fish in the small child stars, dubbing now has adults on his face like. Alexander say is in the single poison mama "grew up in this TV play. He plays Shane, originally is a naive of sweet little boy, but are now grown into a in order to protect the family can Cheap DVD
kill lad, and no repentance meaning in. Alexander at this point performance was in place, his performance natural true, as if everything just so happened, won't let a person feel too deformity and abnormal.

Patzer - Della "the Atlantic Empire Nashville tower" (Boardwalk foundation trilogy ")

Read the Atlantic empire audience believe will remember patzer - Nashville tower in drama Della full frontal lens, can for the girl labeled "bold" label. The 26-year-old cline was a former model, in such a star-studded acting sent the TV, she played out stripper Lucy can do, is definitely worth praise. In a predatory, gangs infested age,Two and a Half Men dvd
the stripper and others no different, because they are with their own bodies get what they want.

Jessica - the advertising Pyle bedlamite "Mad (Michigan algorithmic decoder Men)

Jessica - Pyle Megan, play with Don Draper side's all previous women are different. She is neither, Betty, the second generation, also not like other people so enchanting charming. From the identity of the office secretary Don Draper change into the future, Mrs. Megan's this road very gentle, she loves children, love with the surroundings. Bones dvd
Megan won't know too much, also won't let the other side have pressure, have her in Don side, everything is just fine.

Andrew Lincoln "The Walking Dead" (hum)

Many women in the audience for Andrew Lincoln impression comes from the movie "true love supreme" in his mind, play love silently the keira knightley Mark. But in this year launched the blockbuster television AMC zombie thriller half-paralyzed ", Andrew Lincoln suddenly became with zombies attack survivors from the leader, together with survival. His calm while, for the family, the desperate again deeply moved heart of audience

Kelly - MacDonald "Boardwalk Empire" (Atlantic foundation trilogy ")

Since, from Scotland kelly - MacDonald is in some movie plays the most impressive, the most abundant elements supporting. Cold Case dvd
From "guess the train" in smokers, to "gosford park", again to the maid in "no country for old wife, kelly in suffering are willingly - MacDonald for others when the green leaves. However, in the Atlantic empire, kelly finally stood under the spotlight, let the audience saw the bright light shine upon her.

Joe mann root Nile "True love like Blood" (True Blood)

Although vampire is now, but the chick werewolf glamour also acceptance. Joe mann plays werewolves root Nile is one of them,mad man dvd
his enthusiasm and loyal fans makes it instantly into the heart of love, so in this season to photograph, Joe - half Raman root succeed promoted to the Nile conventional actor.

Maggie Q "Nikita girl" (Nikita)

Maggie Q name in Asia arguably has certain popularity that she is, after all, by Jackie chan (online watch movies) to cultivate myhow I met your mother dvd
promotion, hand into Hong Kong new generation of fighting actress candidate. In Hollywood starred in a few films by CW the Q, Maggie, starring reversioning television station phase drama "nikita girl", make her successful superior, becoming another a successful Hollywood Chinese actress into. In America's eyes, Maggie Q body have a kind of Angelina jolie taste, sexy, independent of self-confidence.

Jack - the faint because of the ehicle event I can. (Better with You)

The comedy while not perfect, but jack - in the ehicle performance is one bright spot. He played both cute Casey,Spartacus dvd
lovable side, yet with a silly, often is a deputy state like outside, it's easy to associate with the Friends of record ".

Jason - ray's "surprised" (to) The(The Event)

Jason - ray specialty a ordinary face, whether in The kingdom of The daughter "(Joan Arcadia) of he, or comedy The Class two grade three" (The) funny he scale-up, audiences seem to have left very impressed. This year, however, Jason finally wait to appearances of opportunities. In the play, although he plays a very confused man,Scrubs dvd
but Jason but let this character is interesting, and a little bit, a little bit hysterical lovely intolerant, believe this time many people will remember Jason - ray especially the name.

James of beiji - dell "bloody battle Pacific)" (The Pacific "have no The road can back of&" (Rubicon)

In this year ago, audience for James of beiji - dell most deep impression, is in the third season of "24 hours by jackGossip Girl dvd
Bauer cut my hand. But this year, he let the audience see oneself more potential. In the Pacific "in, his retreat to the audience is exciting, but had no way back in the", and he let everybody saw his side full of wisdom.
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The most 2010 American TV star Top 10 breakthrough
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