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 Large effect let American shows little screen break

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PostSubject: Large effect let American shows little screen break   Fri May 06, 2011 3:20 am

The so-called "big piece," always get rid of a "big" word, movies, television is such big true blood dvd
piece of big piece of nature also can't avoid custom. And the "big" word connotation is rich and colorful, but simply say that probably meant, big, big theme, for big, big investment, big, big squad, big returns this respects. Now the TV show market in April, making each play both in the squad, topics or special effects, and many other elements in those movies in Hollywood are by no means how big piece of inferior, plus movie filmed untouchable American TV is luxuriant length, it started from is only for people to spend time at home to the small screen soap a visual treat transitions paths.

Big director

Representative: the American play BoJi and family ", "the song of ice and fire, power game"

What can be called the director of director? The director of BoJi the family with his resume Neil jordansThe Big Bang Theory dvd
tell you, no matter what kind of criteria, the somebody else all absolutely be called big director. Neil jordans film works by their most screenplay into, 1982, written and directed the first film, angel street killing events ", 1986 choreographers "Mona Lisa" that he became infamous won cannes film festival of the year, and Spain dolly film festival, Los Angeles critic association and so on many awards. 1992 game "" cries choreographers for his holding back the Oscar for best original screenplay, and won the best director the nomination, an international reputation.Grey's Anatomy dvd
Subsequent award in 1996 things constantly, "won the prestigious Venice lofty sentiments ecru; In 1998 the joys and sorrows of years "won best director in Berlin film festival; "Love to end" wins the 2000 British film academy best adapted screenplay. Besides above proven, another movie, he works the vampire awards, although not in the world but also in history has a pen wrote dense.

And Neil jordans different is, the song of ice and fire, director of power game Thomas Mccarthy was crowned by the director owes his years of accumulation in film from the celebrity and the actors to writers that omnipotent ability. Thomas Mccarthy, the director's work though this "not with the song of ice and fire - power game" only three department, but his fame in the industry with the "big director" enough to deserve the name. As an actor he appeared in numerous poor, whether the tablet if farther-in-law adult ", "flags of our fathers" is the lastNCIS dvd
big heat of 2012, he asked the audience showed his excellent acting skills. And he as writers also results quite abundant, he wrote works most famous also counts the fly house around to record ". Thomas Mccarthy as a mighty filmmakers marketer in the industry, for so many years, believes he will not make the director works audience disappointed, he resume that luxuriant list an adequate explanation.

Big star

Representatives of the Kennedy family drama: beauty, "and" the BoJi and family"

Although those stars as the big shots per day, frequently tens of millions of dollars. But it is undeniable that theirOne Tree Hill dvd
star effect really big for film and television products benefit play a decisive role, so want to become the "big piece of television industry has one or two big shots actor is also essential. The TV show market in April, is capable of this truth investors in invitation to join big shots in therefore hasn't stingy of Italy, action-packed scenes even wrestling disrelish. Last month's sea "desire of emotion joined the houst Kate winslet thermal haven't in the past, the Kennedy family" and "BoJi and family" these two "family" and more on the strength. The former brought in "o soup sister-in-law" Katie holmes, the latter invited the Oscar award winning actor Jeremy Irons holders and a golden globe. Undeniable is Katie holmes got fame and "the identity of the sister-in-law" o soup is inseparable, but her own efforts and the acting is also cannot ignore. Especially in 2004 she appeared in directed by Christopher Nolan large production film batman: moments of war heroine of moment, seeking the limelight without two. Jeremy Irons fame although match ", but sister-in-law "o soup of the emperor to double identity isn't cover, 1988 by" twin brother "won best actor, three years later, he in Canada with the honey, is again who let me sleep!" Golden ball awardSons of Anarchy dvd
winning actor and won an Oscar, holders. 1995 of "New York," he DaJieAn first try to show a negative role at the age of 33, he starred in the French lieutenant's woman ", a gun and red, 42 by "destiny" in reverse won an Oscar for best actor. Film and television market past successful experience tells us that a successful movies don't necessarily have big shots actor, but the film works with actor actor will surely succeed in some aspects.

Big themes

Representative work: "the song of ice and fire," and "the power game holy city, stormriders

Lumiere brothers invention since 1895 movie date, almost every kind of subjects were moved on screen.dexter dvd
But now of film and television works can still get the audience's affection, because it was in the creation has been trying to piece party more attractive than ever before the theme. Especially in the fierce competition in the market, the American play found an attractive shooting theme means you half the battle. And fantasy, epic, family disputes often are subject to absorbing eyeball powerhouse. The song of ice and fire, power game "story lines happen in western like British island continent in westeros. By the king to pull XiEn, Robert worship to visit north of his best friend: duke and north borders in winter hachmonite Ed stack began, gradually demonstrates this piece of the whole country. Simple king, the prime minister, each HuaiGuiTai upright YongBing self-respect, the minister of the governors,Criminal Minds dvd
the only four by a thin string that sustains the peace, and when the surface of the string broken, the state be thrown into endless war in. More let people are those of ancient thriller the legends and had extinction, are back in biological this piece of land. This kind of fantasy and epic coexist shock feeling let person involuntarily thought of another successful film and television works "Lord of the rings
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Large effect let American shows little screen break
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