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 American TV is not beautiful

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PostSubject: American TV is not beautiful   Thu May 05, 2011 3:21 am

A few days ago, once persists the netizen original content primarily potatoes nets formallyGossip Girl dvd
announced that bought beautiful drama "desperate housewives" BoYingQuan ", thus "simultaneous video website, the mainland each big basic already have" genuine "beauty drama. Sohu first from early 2010 LOST on the beginning of video website, the mainland "genuine" on American TV has nearly a year, the original video website to the American play with what, it changed the mainland fan American play the viewing habits? SMW reporter interviews several insiders, analyzed the current domestic "genuine beauty play" the status quo.

American shows the pretty and flat

In recent years, the quick pace, well made the TV show gradually become young people are the mostScrubs dvd
common sent time of entertainment, and founded netizens spontaneously subtitle group, consisting of the tablets for the mainland netizens to watch American play the most important channels: American television broadcast TV after recording, English subtitle make sorting through the network to the mainland, subtitle group, after the translation and presser group of repression, again through BT etc downloaded to the users to download way and became hard drives mainland audiences can watch the "beauty play". This model also let prison break, "desperate housewives" and "life of the big bang in the mainland American television tunnels with a lot of fans.

But from the start, this mode in 2010 have changed, 2010, sohu video for mainland hae been oerturned first video website of eating crabs, take the lead in introducing the hit of the LO ST American TV and later introduced "gossip girl", "big bang" and M life aggie Q starred in the movie "nikita", but let a person very surprise, these "genuine and broadcast" beauty alone drama need copyright fee is not high, nunn sohu video party reporter call ask specific questions, relevant personage copyright expenses, said American shows actually "the beautiful andSpartacus dvd
leveling", "beauty play copyright expenses not imaginary high, do not say that alone won't higher than American TV broadcast broadcast domestic drama, alone alone when American TV a lot broadcast not sow nonexclusive." our plays

Sohu aspects also said American shows there is a relatively normal copyright suppliers, the operation mode of the copyright transaction price has fixed system, never Shouting price preposterous. And because the domestic purchase part of "desperate housewife drama like" and "intern at's" grey ", buy a new season has ended the broadcast, so the price is low, if together before buying the few season has been broadcast, and bind discount, even "buy new season send part old season. ' On the other hand, is also the most main aspects, at present the mainland American TV video website to buy from BoYingQuan basic skill copyright square, also known as the American production company obtained, so the price is not high. And the mainland copyright agency many television Cold Case dvd
so-called video website, it's hard to find the real skill agent, often from second-hand agents, even 3 hands agent buy BoYingQuan, so prices are high. But according to the relevant personage tudou.com estimate, if introducing American TV web site is more and more, thus cause competition, the price of American play could rise.

In addition, it is worth noting, the original video website mainland on American TV, still used several well-known network before subtitle group compared to the translation subtitles, such as sohu several genuine, basic is American play by "everyone subtitle group" to translation subtitles, netizens to wonder if it is "subtitle group" farewell "welfare" identity to the beginning of commercial road, therefore SMW reporter has been linked with everyone LiangLiang, director of the translation groups, "said this LiangLiang not interested talk about this topic," but inTwo and a Half Men dvd
early 2010 sohu started using the subtitles to televise all subtitles of the LiangLiang once LOST, to the media, said "now just help friend's busy, not cooperative start," and also didn't involve remuneration problem.

Click-through rate less than domestic play a into

"In fact introduced at the beginning of the American play, we predicted that does not cause too much reaction, and now slightly insipid click-through rate also as expected." Sohu video relevant personage to SMW reporters, clicking American play than domestic drama, and we certainly want just all-round optimization, and American TV audience population level of knowledge is relatively high, i.e. will attract to high-end audiences." According to sohu video's official statistics show that the click in the list every month, "nikita", "big bang", "the life of gossip girl in Grey's Anatomy dvd
20 basic American play up in 10 million, hits the fan, and is usually corellon click-through rate of domestic drama, such as the recent fall in love with you" carelessly ", the heart of GongSuo have broken jade clicking a billion. Super red American shows but super red domestic drama hits a 6% to 8%. But this has been the most optimistic of statistical data. Odd art nets given data shows, at present popularity weaker "desperate housewives", "the intern's" grey ", etc in strange arts show, and the number of hits than popular domestic drama 2%. In soliciting advertising, thattrue blood dvd
American TV is usually as a domestic drama "sow pack sold to add head" advertisers. However, relevant personage also noted, "American TV has been hit, especially in better progressly sarft video website twice the rectification online piracy ', 'these genuine crackdown periods are clicking American play obvious rise".

Reporter random interviewed several "life big bang", "gossip girl" fans, they expressed himself already from the download Grey's Anatomy dvd
turned to network see the original hd, convenient is the main reason. But in some American shows the eyes, because the original 5 on the repertoire of too little, download or a must. Analysis of the personage inside course, in recent years, American TV viewer as a group, and has formed certain scale, but certainly outnumbered by the domestic drama. And now senior American fans have formed the habit of download watch collection, unless the original video website can bring in more different kinds of beauty play, it is hard to completely change the senior American play fans viewing habits. But the original network of the convenience of American play powerful popularize strength and websites, can indeed be attracted to viewing habits don't fixed emerging American play group.

Video web site in the mainland now can be watching the TV show about ten department, including has been quite "before mass base" "desperate housewives", "the intern's" grey ", "crime psychology", "big bang", "life gossip girl", "the vampire diaries", should say had to meet many beautiful fans watching need, but there are many senior Amerimad man dvd
can fans say cannot satisfy the from Beijing, Chen accept SMW reporter interviews that, "theme, and play a bit less species not many, I am very fond of watching cable television show, and like the starr backus" "single poison mama" etc., is absolutely in the original video website to see."
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American TV is not beautiful
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