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 5 to 7 months without sowing bourne war drama

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PostSubject: 5 to 7 months without sowing bourne war drama   Thu May 05, 2011 3:08 am

Yesterday, a source says sarft ordered in 5, 6, 7 three month, bannedtrue blood dvd
themes and cointelpro war drama theme involved. Our newspaper reporter then call sarft, relevant staff confirmed that. Tianjin TV, zhejiang TV, Beijing TV movie channel, Oriental TV, shenzhen TV and so on various big TV's staff says it has received related notice to the broadcast TV, make corresponding adjustments.

Is the "neither sow qipao pulled

According to understand, bourne war drama "green blind", suspense drama "black list and jiangsu TV broadcast alone the drama" involved "will you never delay on the air. The green blind "is ShaYi, by WuXiuBo in and wei, as the psychological thriller war did show, the original plan in tianjin TV broadcast; Original version of "never" The Big Bang Theory dvd
which will also gently recently in jiangsu TV exclusive broadcast; HuangJiao, by YanDanChen starred in suspense drama "black list also plans to in sichuan, tianjin, recently broadcast TV channels. Ban issued, the TV series are broadcast will be postponed.

In a telephone conversation, relevant staff sarft to our correspondent said: "there are such notice, had been distributed to all major television." Tianjin TV's staff said they had received related notice, "we originally aired on May 17, plan" qing blind ", then seeding "black list." The people who work for buying this, tianjin TV drama spent a lot of two price: "this year, bourne war play special fire well, buy market competition particularly intense drama. So you see, buy these bourne war is the big stage drama, such as tianjin TV, eastern TV, zhejiang Grey's Anatomy dvd
TV, etc. A war play we at least cointelpro spent millions of dollars."

The personage inside course of study thinks, the state administration of radio, ban is the greatest impact zhejiang TV, because this TV this a few months has been main "bourne war hero season". According to understand, zhejiang TV "bourne war hero season one of the broadcast", including through gun "and" save women SiTuHui ", "cheongsam" and "qing behind blind", "hunt", "my father is a bench." Zhejiang TV's staff in accepting our newspaper reporter to interview sarft said they had received a notice, "we're showing" cheongsam ", NCIS dvd
will show.he it. Then what we are still in broadcast television, we bought a lot of selected dramas and choice of space is very large."

In the central "qing blind" broadcast

Reporters also learned the green blind "is currently the movie channel, south of Beijing broadcast movie channel, etc. The central Although, the play on the star was slow in the central broadcast appears unaffected. South XieXiaoLu said film deputy director temporarily haven't received the notice,One Tree Hill dvd
the south off the movie channel will continue to broadcast the green blind."

Beijing TV movie channel staff said: "the green blind" is originally our key play, Taiwan at the end of April in very seriously, for this show, we held a news conference was launched, please ShaYi, cast exchanged views on and wei, WangLiKun ascribed to the present, and spent a relatively modest fees. Originally we planSons of Anarchy dvd
to do highlight broadcast the before and after, and now the green blind "has been broadcast dozen sets, ratings are very high, specific next to want to do, we'll have a meeting to discuss it."

According to the writer of the famous novel the green ZhangHaiFan blind adaptations of the prison break 50 comprehensive psychological thriller war drama "green blind" original plan may this year, due on the star cointelpro broadcast drama is very popular, so fight on BoYingQuan after the play to sell a good price star. The producers CiWen Oriental staff said they had received a notice the broadcast will be postponed. The green blind "producer says, the play in July after you are expected to meet on the star and the audience. Our correspondent WuHaiHong

Each big TV: are in change

Eastern TV drama propaganda work personnel responsible for say they've received the administration of radio related notice, "we will delay" qing blind "broadcast television broadcast, the next what in the choice, we also."

Shenzhen TV for alternative drama was in the discussion, the staff said: "we mainly from two series Cheap DVD
choice, one is the struggle of urban emotion" and "happiness to knock" etc., another is war series LiangJian ", "soldiers surprise", etc in general, we turn to choose urban emotions and life play."

Tianjin TV's staff said, they will be determined according to the administration of radio, television, "notify layout we now have three schemes, or television broadcast, for instance, the red theme of 1945, or China, or broadcast television broadcast classical comedy, such as we have the sole of BoYingQuan LiYouBin version of" LiangJian ". In addition, we also and some new contact and, of course, big play to see whether can be short time broadcast rights took down, if there are difficulties, just sowing some homemade broadcast the show. We alone today (May 5) will provide specific broadcast plan." Tianjin TV is on the air "cheongsam" was also show, staff bourne wars, said: "the cheongsam" has been near the end, we won't hiatus, also won't do anydexter dvd
publicity, they want to go in light put it show.he."

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5 to 7 months without sowing bourne war drama
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