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 American media says the us killed before osama bin laden lack not sure goal in identity

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PostSubject: American media says the us killed before osama bin laden lack not sure goal in identity   Tue May 03, 2011 11:15 pm

The web reporter: U.S. special forces recentlytrue blood dvd
in Pakistan to take action, success killing al-qaida leader osama bin laden. The Wall Street journal introduced on May 3rd, said U.S. forces in enforcement of The Times, not quite sure before the mission is bin laden, and attacked object intelligence analysis for the reliability of the people will be intelligence to reduce 60%.

Reports say, in order to catch bin laden, troops from southern Afghanistan to Pakistan's eastern all trace. Period, The Big Bang Theory dvd
the arrangement of the U.S. carried out a thorough, but in the end it is intuitive helped the United States. A U.S. official said, were not sure exactly is who hidden by U.S. attacks in the stronghold, someone still suspected al qaeda second-in-command YiMan ? karzai watts Hector.

Reports say, last December the U.S. central intelligence agency (CIA) had held secret meeting on contributive tens Grey's Anatomy dvd
of millions of dollars over a period of five months tracking program. Eventually, U.S. intelligence personnel locking Pakistan alberta bud in the walled city buildings, and determine its most residents is one of the most trusted bin laden "messenger" relatives. In addition, there lived a "mysterious" family, intelligence officials know only one adult male, but never has anyone seen his face.

In formal bin laden to carry out attacks before the mission, U.S. considered using bombs. This can not only reduceNCIS dvd
the risk to U.S. troops, but also can increase the possibility of destroy target. But will also destroy bin laden living in this all the evidence. In addition, the us military also had considered dispatched helicopters. According to Obama's counter-terrorism advisor John Brennan discloses, Obama backers on how to complete the task and argued.

In order to foolproof, Obama ordered in Afghanistan builds a building, the simulation special forces the whole process of attack target. April 19, the CIA director (CIA) pat to Obama guarantee inside tower, bin laden really hid in the buildings. On May 1 day, beautiful special forces after 40 minutes of attack, finally inside the building two or three layersOne Tree Hill dvd
of osama bin laden and his family found. Subsequently, a senior American military officials say, osama bin laden is, not by U.S. troops killed suicide.

In Philadelphia, there is such a murder investigation, they face case not happened recently, but a few years ago, of a decade ago even JiuAn decades ago. Such cases, because time of occurrence of remote, together with the parties has been difficult to find, all sorts of criminal evidence has almost vanished especially difficult, so survey up.Sons of Anarchy dvd
Such killings, be image called "Case" freezing.
Lily as Philadelphia double-quick time the only female homicides bureau, constitutes the detectives to investigate JiuAn as the theme of the TV vin the absolute key person. Her composure, alert, and her zhang sharp face, give the slender pale audience left an enduring impression. The CBS television since 2003 broadcast television series dexter dvd
until today, with its unique glamour still with crime in numerous television about the subjects unique concentration.
The Case is different from freezing process like CSI criminal investigation if the audiences' eyes showed in the documentary, nor many of today's cutting-edge technology in this drama, support, almost nothing and CSI similar with high-tech analysis about body for clues scene, just explain each years ago unsolved unsolved. The play is the distinctive glamour, by lily strength of character, she and her partner were always leave no stone unturned looking for those still alive parties, let those who live in the past in the shadow of people or painful struggle also comforting Cheap DVD
to recall in tragedy happened, take the audience to several decades ago the different world, let the real murderer in all parties memories and the differences of different confessions salience little.

The warehouse each piles of white paper box is hidden a gently soul cannot. In some cases have dusty the decades, have already different, that the little girl had become graceful girl, when teenagers has become gray haired man... However, only those who haven't ChenYuan righted people, still in another world, quietly waiting. And every time of truth to be exposed, the audience will find an incredible ending, or miserable, or anger or frustration. But no matter how the crime that happened, the passing of time incredibly will eventually smooths the people's some sadness.

Phil south Theodore sucre, was born in Chicago, grew up in the street. Sucre, until he obeyed no Criminal Minds dvd
bullet gun a robs a liquor store. He did this because of saving enough money to get along three years of his girlfriend Maricruz buy an engagement ring. Sucre, was sent to prison, not Fox River became the model prisoner there. His only for every effort is opportunity, this also is for commutation Maricruz. Fate brought Schofield and sucre, became a cellmate, also let sucre became Schofield a lj molecules.

Escape from prison not Fox River, sucre know Maricruz Hector in Las Vegas and get married. He tries to prevent wedding. But early in sucre, reach the church before, Hector has informed the Nevada police sucre, is likely to come. Sucre, whereabouts have been watching. Sucre, also involved in the Jeanette Owens residenceTwo and a Half Men dvd
in the event. According to FBI agent says, sucre last were found to be in his plane flying away from the frontier. Also have witnesses say seen him in Mexico. He now still not arrested. Additional comments: his girlfriend Maricruz Delgado will. He could have visitors a marital visiting prisoners in January the opportunity. He belongs to C and other prisoners, can participate in the prison production activities.
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American media says the us killed before osama bin laden lack not sure goal in identity
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