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 By night LanKong bombers re thousands of kilometers accurate bombing 100% hit

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PostSubject: By night LanKong bombers re thousands of kilometers accurate bombing 100% hit   Tue May 03, 2011 11:10 pm

Late at night, on time, accurate Bones dvd
reached a certain banshee.only when the target area above, a pilot press launch button, YiMeiMei missile dragged flames roared down straight to target, suddenly ground rises posse sparks. Recently, several aircraft MouTuan LanKong aviation, break the boundless sky, long-distance strikes thousands of kilometers of strange, successful implementation of regional ground targets, 100% accurate bombing hit. The bombing succeeds, long-range strikes and precise commemorates the night step on strike capability new step.

Late-night remote strikes high strength flight, personnel easy fatigue, dangerous coefficient tall. At night, no landmarks, precision bombing lose, difficult to searching target trails in the daytime, precision bombing within 10 meters to 100% hit, in the middle of the night, which is brutally hard on subjects had become a group ascension the "bottleneck" chiefs ability.

Mariah Carey (English name: Mariah Carey, reputation: butterfly birthday: in Cold Case dvd
1970 March 27) is the very famous music singer, her because of his glorious musical history records and are often called pop diva. American media are often classified as a black singer. Because of its 2 million albums sold and numerous music search records, and five octave pent-up compass and rococo singing skills is world famous. So far in the Billboard charts with 3 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100) (ranked first

Mariah Carey 1970 was born on March 27, long island, New York, huntington town, her mother Patricia Hickey was Irish ancestry's New York City Opera's chief singer, father Alfred Carey is with Roy mixed ancestry in Africa and venezuela the aviation tomorrow days
Engineer. When 1960 mariah Carey parents get married, the United States still existshow I met your mother dvd
serious racial discrimination, interracial marriages are considered a taboo, their marriage can't even get kelly grandmother's approval. Over the next few years, the young couple often from various forms of society by attacking and prejudice and of no fixed abode, the relationship between them also increasingly nervous. Kelly said in an interview with Jet famous magazine insists, "in the 1960s and 1970s have many racist. And I and my brothers and sisters in their eyes is the product of the kind of taboo love."

In 1974, kelly parents agreement divorces, was only three years old with mother lives.mad man dvd
The kelly Kelly is the home a third child, her name derived from 1951 to Paint Wagon musical "famous" the song "Mariah". The Wind Call.
For the troops into an excellent 'air "night tiger", they founded technology research group, science formulation night training organization subjects demanding risks, the implementation method of night training time weight more than double. They adopt "fly" for such a way, optimize training resources, increase flight thickness, timely high strength, large routes, many subjects, full load night training. They also aimed at possible special affection, formulate prevention illusion, prevent the night air crash, in the parking and other security measures.South Park dvd
Meanwhile, they also organization for offshore, mobility, and night spanned sea targets, remote sailing assault precision strikes against more than 10 skaters risks, and the assault training subjects with the assault through the training, the change in the past night training mode of pure, improving the bombing of the practical training and confrontational.

Now, the group FeiHangRi year-on-year reduce eight sequences, fly 670 hour, tactical training proportion 96.4%, troops to combat growing steadily.

On DVD from capacity can be divided into the following kinds: DVD5, a DVD9, DVD10 and DVD18Spartacus dvd
respectively, the capacity for 4.7 G, 8.5 G, 9.4 G and 17G. A DVD9 DVD capacity one of the format.
DVD using MPEG2 VBR format compressed images, it is a kind of dynamic variables according to flow compression, range from 1-m to 9.8 M, the biggest of the data flow between total can reach 10.8 M, it has great with the previous VCD difference. VCD adopts CBR format, data flow is fixed, each of the length of the movie store discs are fixed; DVD storage film length is can change, data flow used relatively small, time is longer, on the contrary data flow is big, storage film length are short. This is also a DVD9 quality than DVD5 main reasons.

One, large capacity, the picture quality is high. A DVD9 capacity is almost twice as many DVD5 capacity for the same length films, a DVD9 can use large data flow compression, ensure the quality of the picture, and to let the entire DVD5, can reduce films data streams, sacrifice the quality of the picture. Generally speaking, DVD5 can deposit 100 minutes of the film, the picture quality is guaranteed, although the standard DVD BBS 133 minutes, but it is still depends on the quality of the original material. At the moment in China is not popular DVD, Scrubs dvd
making material are mostly ever in the things. VCD Therefore, the quality of 133 minutes deposited the standard DVD are nowhere. A DVD9 capacity is just right for China's actual situation, large capacity, can try to improve the data flow, compensate for the original material shortage, give you a real DVD feelings!

"Desperate housewives" by American broadcasting company is began in October 2004, in the TV broadcast Sunday evening at nine. The story is set in the United States -- a fictional town scenery town, described the beauty town five housewife wisteria lane married life, quarterly plot also has new lines and housewife to join. Gossip Girl dvd
The United States has won many single week viewing charts, and swept America's great multiple awards ceremony. The Desperate Housewives of the title of "quickly formed a drenched the cultural phenomenon, driving the magazines and the despair, crazy talk show the housewife agitation, more in over 130 countries and regions broadcast.

Most of the fairy tale with "the princess and the prince lived a happy life" from the crowned ending, but few people know that the prince and princess how behind marriages? Then replace the friends remember ", "sex and the city" and became the hottest soap "desperate housewives" mining "that happiness" fairy actress life truth. the hills dvd
The four leading lady respectively represent four distinct housewife image: single housewife Susan, perfect housewife bree osbourne, Michael knight, beautiful housewife strongmen than, four beautiful housewife fine gold, how to work without the bored women, their life looks perfectly, but actually they are using "happiness" whitewash the oneself had rags life. With their own reality broke "the prince and princess" marriage myth.
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By night LanKong bombers re thousands of kilometers accurate bombing 100% hit
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