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  Beauty the workplace skills: from rookie to senior lightning rod

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PostSubject: Beauty the workplace skills: from rookie to senior lightning rod   Tue May 03, 2011 11:02 pm

A monthly salary 30 million super bones jing The Big Bang Theory dvd
female friends had it as a young woman who JunGui warned all workplace: remember that unless you intend to do three become more proficient in one's profession, otherwise gourmet small boss and have your career, is upon the end.

Autumn American play gears and American TV viewers, chasing blessed are the peacemakers. A something bright in the TV show not only let us live in beautiful English, also make we are not alone in qiu dong. In addition, the foothold in YuZhongGui in "universal values" from the beauty of the play, we can summarize some practical workplace skills.
Rookie entry-level

Interns Grey's "Grey (sAnatomy) '

The intern's "grey" first season haven't got characters relations into "lianliankan" type of Sons of Anarchy dvd
emotional equations play, a group of medical school freshman just into the hospital, with their hopes and ambitions encounter are called "Nazi" senior doctors bailey. The first season is a very good "workplace fresh person" textbook, can teach you how to familiarize myself with unfamiliar environment, how to deal with the strict boss, how to show his as possible. The truth which hasn't much shortcut, talented person such as Chris Tina (Cristina) and background as Meredith (the deep Meredith) will have constant error, be batch strip. The freshman to learn workplace is probably the first class, flat mentality, knows no one will continue to caress your little self-esteem, do not do, in "whocares strawberries?" Grow up in question for solid veteran.

PrisonBreak break ()

In meters WentworthMiller) are not handsome (the stars of glass after glass of ice ledexter dvd
dehumanized into potbellied before middle-aged man, he starred in prison break once as American shows lifted the universal version in domestic upsurge.

This happened in cramped prison in "gentleman" play is the best "teamwork" model, the structural engineer mike talent people in prison and MichaelScofield) intentionally (trying to reach into the official's brother, he plans a thorough escape plan, but since then more and more prison prison want to join. Mike reluctantly agreed.

Wonderful is finally escaped the force, not mike one talent having the prison of prison situation, broke through the BaiMiYiShu prison line.

Teamwork is a definition of fuzzy but extremely important comprehensive discipline, many people like to write his CV good ", but this ability in the examination apparently had the hysteresis, not necessarily good at teamwork heartthrob, reconsider the hunchback might not be. The team cooperation point is that,Cheap DVD
in a team, a man can less others "disturbance signal" and do normal play (genius like working ability the mediocre talent and good at fish in troubled waters), if can do outdone yourself, then that person is very suitable for teamwork.

Advanced improve level

Lace gossipgirl leader ()

Ancestor taught us to "talk", or who can length. This popular American shows but tell us grasp gossip is take wind prerequisite. Know New York "high society" in the only consulting gossipgirl "this is called" on the web site, where a scandal there are rumors figure, and the consummate female Serena and Blair is the heroineCriminal Minds dvd
of the way and know the gossip spread the upper east side became dazzling queen, even if again insignificant costar, also won't abandon subscribe gossipgirl information.

How to evaluate the importance of workplace consulting in fact, not too much, ably to various message is one of the jungle rules "in the workplace is an important survival skills. This does not imply that everyone should be in gossip center or maker, actually every office would have a secret information exchange, for grapevine news don't keep it yourself attitude good, "to hear and not pregnant after ather".

Think again, XueBaoChai in the grand view garden long-sleeved dancing, is a potential workplace Bones dvd
talents, her favorite do is everywhere and visits to understand consultation, so that it can enough and let oneself in familiar environment in crypto-currents balance zone.

Genius big bang (thebigbang)

Four science in geek add curtilage male ancestor, do you think which most "leadership phase"?

Maybe just cupped emmy ears (Sheldon), thanks to this conclusion may overturn our previous allSpartacus dvd
the inculcation of seen workplace tutorials, a good leader should be flushed cheeks mahatma light, in the heart of the treasure with Carnegie!

But back in the genius of the big bang to see who is a week, the film decider? Who decided to lunch is called Chinese or call curry? And who decides which day visit comic bookstore? More importantly, who develop a comprehensive "roommate rule" and unswervingly has been executive down?

These are all x ears, this is a typical finicky virgin male, stubbornness and perfectionism. He maybestar trek enterprise dvd
not one in four of the most normal one, see heterosexual will speechless Raj than he seems the normal, but he is the most powerful, "gas" the most able to grasp the situation, a person most cohesive force.

Not to say that everyone needs to show the geek, but in things like that, perhaps we selection workplace everyone needs some x ears type insisted. A survey of sociological experts in the workplace than "strong women more than women" sweet some percent opportunities for advancement. Many don't involve "in daily life and death" small decision, you can coaxes and abstained gave others, can also take his principle many adhere to the "half feet", this may be silent for you to win others respect.

If be in the workplace "soft persimmon" remarks, I have seen the most poignant are as follows: One Tree Hill dvd
to don't become a a jolting soft persimmon, either standing on high, let a person knead no pinching, either become persimmon, let a person with nowhere.

Senior corona level

TheGoodWife pride a good wife ()

LvZheng drama and medical drama, opera is the most humane. Housewives ALiXiYa (Alicia) in her husband after the accident in prison
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Beauty the workplace skills: from rookie to senior lightning rod
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