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  The speed and passion "actor - tyrese - Gibson

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PostSubject: The speed and passion "actor - tyrese - Gibson   Tue May 03, 2011 4:53 am

Tyrese - Gibson (as Roman Pierce) was born in southern California's LosDisney movies dvd
Angeles hogwarts. From music, and just love Gibson in 19 eponymous album released first. In 2000 he won the American music awards soul music/r&b singer award of the most welcome. Besides music career in acting and modeling, Gibson also won not common scores, he in a series of TV and advertising, and appeared, work (Gail brand and designer tommy). Hill fe jie signed exclusive endorsement contract.

Gibson's action is John first. Singh's director of the "mother's little boy," in plays Joseph. Summers corner let him get black entertainment awards best film actor award nomination. In the speed 2 ", he and John. At singleton again cooperation. Gibson recently works include the transformers 2: comeback "and Paul.The Golden Girls dvd
Anderson directed science fiction thriller the death coasters, starring and Jason. Stan sen, Joan. Allen and Ian. MaiKe Sean.

Gibson's other masterpieces include: action/thriller the second coming of Christ, in which and Dennis. KuiDeHe Paul. Bei jotham, cooperation; Crime thriller, films and settle scores "eluate John. Reggie karzai mo and rossi. Perry this cooperation; Phoenix selloff "; Singh's director of the "four brothers, starring a mark. Nico rosberg and andrei volz. Benjamin; LinYi endeared the director of "giant" and voldy brings you conquer. Cotis. Hall's "waist-deep".

Dobson's inspirational book, "how to get out of your own way", by the central publishing in 2011, April 7 shelves.Lost dvd

Beijing time on April 29, with prince William's girlfriend Kate Middleton (Kate Middleton) wedding in Britain held Westminster Abbey. From the community more than 1,900 guests invited to the wedding. The New York times in the first time the wedding for this dream has carried on the review:

When teenage girl Kate Middleton entered the Wiltshire MaErBoLuo college, the quiet girl and notTwo and a Half Men dvd
thought that, a few years later, she will be crowned in Westminster Abbey, and many girls dream to be married prince William.

And when this is the scene, everything is so dreamy. And in MaErBoLuo university's President Ed - nigel DE (Ed Gould) opinion, Kate and William is a combination of words, set up by two decent, manner and dignified, is a match made in heaven. And in traditional conservative MaErBoLuo college, full of new ideas and passionate pair is outstanding and excellent.

In Kate's classmate Emily opinion, low-key inside collect, but passionate Kate enough to become an Bones dvd
excellent princess. In school, disciplined Kate has good grades, but full of talent in sports and music she has deep attainments. Orderly Kate also lived a very sober life, is the place of crackling insulators. And she insipid quiet character, also more or less before letting high-profile prince William has become a low-key.

But in this field after the wedding, low-key gentle Kate will be in the world, under the gaze of a popular attention the princess. And her friends and students there was very optimistic about this period of their marriage, the principal nigel DE in interviews that, this dream wedding, they just happy marriage life began. When the shy little girl, will with their own low-key inside collect to write this beautiful fairy tale. (

The prince and farewell single princess-in-waiting immediately, according to British customs, they inthe office dvd
premarital final night must spend respectively. Last night, Kate hotel, and prince William guangzhou city.china stay home.
Kate in the police escorted open hundreds of years, arrived at the members of the royal family often receive GeLin hotel. She get off and large collection of people waiting outside the hotel, waving performance close to people. Will soon become the members of the royal family, and his mother, Kate, and body and bridesmaids

Sister hotel with the top luxury suites, spent her last night civilian status. GeLin hotel is very closeHouse MD dvd
to Buckingham Palace and wedding venue Westminster.

As for prince William, in residence clarence house, and his father's crown prince Charles, the stepmother how I met your mother dvd
open merab, younger brother prince harry to dinner, spent his last a single night. He before dinner, and palace handshake and crowds of people talking.

In her wedding eve, British police storm, Entourage dvd
busy in Westminster Abbey on security checks, carrying explosives search dogs, ensure site safety.
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The speed and passion "actor - tyrese - Gibson
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