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 Hollywood has new stuff Catherine - BiGe ROM ChouPai "kill bin laden"

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PostSubject: Hollywood has new stuff Catherine - BiGe ROM ChouPai "kill bin laden"   Tue May 03, 2011 1:48 am

U.S. President Barack Obama (Barack Hussein your II) yesterdayCold Case dvd
announced Osama bin Laden Osama bin Laden) (the death, this news inspired all americans except the patriotic passion outside, also let a good Hollywood footage. According to reports oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow) BiGe ROM (Kathryn ChouPai a called "will Kill osama Bin Laden" (know Laden) movies. Bin

Katherine BiGe ROM in preparation for the film's time still doesn't know osama bin laden was dead, so in the original script, the conclusion of the movie is they didn't kill osama bin laden. However the news today is enough to get them to the end of the film more Hollywood.

"Kill osama bin laden" is BiGe ROM and she "to dismantle to play his troops" (The Locker partnerhow I met your mother dvd
Mark Boal) producer of cooperation, because again, very patriotic themes financing should not problems, oracle CEO Ellison's daughter benchwarmer Megan Ellison had promised to investors.

"Kill osama bin laden" protagonist is not osama bin laden, but the execution of the American soldier, assassination of task is having let BiGe ROM preliminary, Joel ella Joel Edgerton scolding (zhe) to play actor.

Actually early in 2006 Paramount also plans to shoot similar film, and intend to let oliver stonemad man dvd
to director, but stone's version is less, it make them satisfied this suspended. But with the arrival of osama bin laden's death, believe they will reconsider this plan.

Arkady Balagan is a famous chess champion, IQ qualities, and he is humorous, sometimes unkind. Four months ago, he watched his fiancee Rosemarry died of "accidents", from now on fear of outdoor environment, live in Huxley hotel, even to the gate of the hotel. Rosemarry sister Pippa hand firmly believe sister died not South Park dvd
so simple, on the other hand, Arkady Balagan of negative tired feel helpless, had to idle their investigation.

In the lack of financial resources, in the face of the under accident will be knocked out of the Spartacus dvd
hotel, the plight of Balagan Arkady had to use your mind to help people solve the problem. Never out of the hotel, he has been trying to beat him by the Becht, hotel cleaners to Alcina and always like to resist him hotel security manager collected intelligence, Hugo cracked one case.

At the same time as to its sister Pippa "accidents" gradual deepening the investigation, she discovered that this is a man-made "accidents", and the goal was not her sister, but Arkady Balagan...
Scrubs dvd

In this drama, high school students drink, promiscuous, mutual intrigue even drugs have become drink boiled water, eating the same quite common things. Similarly, "blog" and "mobile phone short message" has become indispensable to their daily life important components - these elements is real, not like some other TV hard as added.

In a similar theme of other youth idol drama, some things we've seen thousands of times - small boy fGossip Girl dvd
ell in love with popular problem girl, and he treat this girl point of view and others are all different, the results moved girl's heart; Another is limitless scenery on the surface of the heart is very depressed and handsome guy to life was filled with disgust, all is because parents' pressures... And so on. But "gossip girl" this TV play gives a brand-new packing, let the audience after feel fresh and interesting read (at least I saw the first set after this feeling). Of course, this benefits from the script for some peripheral role -- they all successfully molded beenstar trek enterprise dvd
described as the "gray", namely, waving in both sides, or to distinguish right makes no difference between distinguish right, not just is described as a "black" or "white", which makes Serena and Blair two core characters more dramatic conflicts. However, this is high school campus, not business, not vanity fair, more is not politics......
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Hollywood has new stuff Catherine - BiGe ROM ChouPai "kill bin laden"
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