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 Growing pains

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PostSubject: Growing pains   Mon May 02, 2011 2:52 am

Organization system (network) : in the United States Spartacus dvd
in the structural system of the TV industry, commercial television has been one of the main body. Early American is mainly composed of ABC, NBC and CBA three traditional TV networks monopoly, later FOX (FOX) company, joint Paramount television network (UPN), Warner Brothers (WB) successively rise. Now the pattern change, as happened again in recent years the United States cross-media, cross-industries, the rise of a new wave of four giant namely, aol time warner and Disney group, news corporation and Westinghouse electric -- CBS and birth without notice, they formed the American media super carriers. In addition to these commercial TV networks outside, cable TV, public television, local TV stations, satellite TV, etc together constitute the Scrubs dvd
American huge TV broadcasting network.

But judging from the hierarchical structure, major TV networks in addition to city in Taiwan, directly outside around the country and have many number of affiliated stations, ranging in affiliated stations coverage, the American law again clear limit (no more than 35 percent). Affiliated stations itself is a completeGossip Girl dvd
local TV station, it and television company is a business partnership, which every broadcast affiliate company, is usually some of the programmes need nationwide news, entertainment, sports kind of program, the rest of the time is broadcast local sex program. This big TV media company combine their affiliated stations network structure is the American TV organization system's most important feature. In addition to mention HBO, which satellite TV's trailblazer. The charge of cable television, has a very conceit of advertisement phrase: It 's not TV, It' s HBO.

American prime-time Monday to Saturday for the 20:00-19:00-23:00 23:00, Sunday, dramas star trek enterprise dvd
of his time, each big networks have 40 or 50 a week of sitcoms and 229 department plot series repeatedly broadcast, also can have a few TV movie. If plus daytime soap operas and broadcast all over television first, then American television viewers versatile each year will see about 5,000 sets new TV works. (before always doubt broadcast a set a week old beauty can stand it, see somebody else a year can look how many will understand)

Season: the so-called season, is refers to broadcast season. U.S. commercial television tothe hills dvd
mid-september to second year in late April (how to feel and football league similar) this time as a broadcast season, because of its absolute most-watched television become the chongzhongzhi that year. In the broadcast season, you won't see old programs, TV screen was completely new episodes occupied. A series broadcast only every week, except for a set of the broadcast season pass for more than four months, a season in the drama about 25 sets the basic maintain, in addition, because all TV viewers or some point mostly in the 30 points, so the length of the broadcast for 30 minutes or all 60 minutes.

A lot of people busy life, like experience a lively performance. To Ben speaking, this experiencedexter dvd
is especially strong. As the sun center (a medium-sized stadium) manager, middle-aged Matthew Perry the Ben (play) spend most of their time on the job, seldom consider personal problems. He is going from hundreds of field queuing up to use the site to sports or entertainment show presents selected the most commercial value project, he will bear female boss Cohen (Allison Janney better play) quirks character, he also face more and more unsympathetic employees. These have enough to let him have a headache, married? Then wait.

Ben side actually does not lack of girl, Alice (Andrea Anders play) is one of them. Lovely naughty Alice may be seen as the "half a girlfriend" Ben, but their relationship is very close. Alice is the communications director, sunshine center by colleagues called center "image of heart and mouth". James Lesure Alonzo (play)'s Ben rivals - theyTwo and a Half Men dvd
race is not only performance, and Alice love. Alonzo polite and courteous, sophisticated, outgoing personality, is always respectful to man. He is more patience than Ben -- at least, those Ben would not like to do or do not work, Alonzo total package. Fortunately, Ben has a bosom friend, and the son of man is the boss better Roman (Nate Torrence). Roman some stupid, not how much ideal, the job also not excellent, but he was a very good listener. Ben Portia Doubleday Heather (assistant play) is a very smart, very beautiful, very lovely blonde.

Each episode, Ben will undertake a new performance (or match, exhibition), he must handle all aspects Sons of Anarchy dvd
of the relationship. But the vagaries of let him better, and unbearable employees' lazy is to let he was mad. But these are not stop Ben to realize my ideal: the sun center makes the best in the world... Uh... "Cheap second-rate stadium". Matthew Perry wrote from by the act, his producer.

Not every TV star can end in a classical episodes continued hover around audience, for instance, themad man dvd
days of being wild "jerry seinfeld seinfeld, or in the" the sopranos "James, most of them will be careful seeking jobs, or new areas of trying. Matthew perry? What are you going to do for years He is very calm, took several films, visiting several sitcoms, of course, it can't let you find his trail. Every day the news with aniston, cox new sight

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Growing pains
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