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 About Harry potter

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PostSubject: About Harry potter   Mon May 02, 2011 2:51 am

"Harry potter" series of novels were true blood dvd
translated into many languages, nearly seventy two hundred countries worldwide sales of more than 400 million cumulative book was not religious, the history books and marketing first. "Harry potter" series consists of seven editions of this, set limit to cover
The first six to hogwarts school of witchcraft and as the main stage, describing the protagonist harry potter at hogwarts school of witchcraft and six years of learning to live an adventure story. The seventh describing the harry potter in the wild looking for horcrux and destroy voldemort's story. This character The Big Bang Theory dvd
thundering literature river's lake, let countless readers to dump, this must be a miracle that literary history. Rowling the imaginative magic mother brought millions of laughter and tears, more bring the world fans a beautiful dream.

Harry potter is in her novel, leading to the development of a series of related cultural content, including movies, games, props, peripheral toys, series attractions, series, amusement park, garden, related topics relevant books city, etc.

As a single mother's rowling life very hard. Began writing Grey's Anatomy dvd
"harry potter write harry potter author: j.k.
"First, the novel series because of their own room and small cold to nearby cafes, the story written in small pieces. But her efforts and were not in vain. Harry potter saga with surprisingly imagination, layer upon layer of suspense and benefit the public children to read the language, almost overnight conquered teenagers around the world to readers. Rowling with the creation of the "harry potter" series in movies and novels and fame. These works continuously break the advent in succession. FaHangShi record world novel Including Britain book award and si horse books gold medal award. Rowling was born in England Gwen gloucestershire. Father Peter is retired automotive, aviation engine manufacturer rolls Royce managementSons of Anarchy dvd
personnel, mother Ann is the laboratory technical personnel. She had a sister called dianne two years younger than her, had studied nurse, now Edinburgh study law.

The people's literature publishing house translated and publishedOne Tree Hill dvd
before and after the Chinese character version translator changes but mainly appear multiple times in MaAiNong, MaAiXin sisters for the fourth film translation (among them, the MaAiXin alone by translation). In addition, the translator and CaoSuLing (and MaAiNong co-translator first, the signature SuNong), zheng XuMi (the third edition of the original translator, 2009 MaAiNong editions of MaAiXin translator replacement, CaiWen (and), MaAiNong, MaAiXin co-translator part 5).

British series "chaoneng young" -- about five ten years of community service personnel (young) in the face of a weird after the storm, found himself with a super ability, they decided to use these talent strength shovel crafty professor, safeguard world peace. Director: creams, wood Yang, Tom Sabina Green; Starring: Robert XiAn, Nathan Stewart - JiaRui specially, Anthony da Thomas, etc. (first season issue six episodes)

Chaoneng young publicity photos
5 and the world in the juvenile delinquents, fit in a community service by bizarre lightning, quirks, everyone got a super ability. "Chaoneng youth" posters
Tough kelly can hear the opinions of others, disgraced athlete Curtis found himself in regret can turn time, party girl alyssa, any touch her people would be in intense sexual needs. A shy, and self-righteous stealth Simon can Nathan but was disappointed to find himself as if no ability, but in the first quarterCriminal Minds dvd
final concentration showed surprising resurrection ability.

They feel surprise, more still doubt and distress, and gift they these powersTwo and a Half Men dvd
are meaningful. And what is the meaning? Punishing evildoers evil? Change sick society? Or blindly egoism? Chaoneng young five people how will the fate of? British edition of the HERO ", than the U.S. version of the slightly restricted point, there are lot of x-rated language and lens.

British movie and TV arts institute issued the BAFTA television award 2010 TV.Bones dvd
Kenneth Branagh Kenneth Branagh) rana (on bbc1 mini drama "the detective verlander won best actor for performance; And best actress is any of the four sets of rivera, into Julie Walters waters (Julie) income bursa. Everyone liked the British da "won the best entertainment. And the best series, while the belonging of the BBC, the E4 beat young "super powers to win the award. And in international series unit, the advertising maniac "beat" the nurse masters, "strong opponents scored the awards such as.

Everyone still immersed in the grief, Nathan leave us Nathan once againCold Case dvd
came to mourn the tombstone, Nathan by telepathy told Kelly he was still alive. So Nathan with everybody unbelievable eye jumped from the coffin miraculously come out. Therefore also found his super ability of Immortality (immortal life after death, or can return to life). Infinite The five people reunion and no more unity of relations, instead contradictions and suspicions are disrupting mutual trust.
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About Harry potter
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