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 Frankie Muniz 911 Call: 'She's Hitting Me in the Face'

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PostSubject: Frankie Muniz 911 Call: 'She's Hitting Me in the Face'   Sun Feb 20, 2011 9:12 am

Frankie Muniz's 911 call has been released a week after police came to his Arizona home amidst a domestic disturbance with girlfriend Elycia Turnbow,The O.C. Complete Series Box Set with Muniz reportedly holding a gun to his head and threatening suicide.Queer As Folk dvd"My girlfriend is drunk and she's going crazy and she's trashing my house," a breathless Muniz tells police on the call. "She's hitting me in the face. I don't know what to do, I'm about to lose control."Queer As Folk box set
Hear the full Frankie Muniz 911 call at RadarOnline.com >>Buffy The Vampire Slayer dvd
Muniz refuses to give his name at first, saying "I don't want there to be a big deal, 'cause I'm a celebrity."Buffy The Vampire Slayer box setThe Feb. 11 fight is audible in the background of the call. Muniz, 25, tells longtime girlfriend Turnbow, 33, "Babe, you just damaged the house. You're still damaging it."
Hogan's Heroes box setRadarOnline.com founder and executive vice president David Perel tells PopEater, Hogan's Heroes dvd"This is a wild and chaotic 911 call. You can clearly hear how distressed he is. The call places you right in the middle of their explosive fight.Little House on the Prairie dvd Forget reality TV -- this is true unscripted celebrity drama."Little House on the Prairie dvd box setMuniz, who seems to have willingly dialed 911, begs the responder, "I don't want any charges,MacGyver dvd I just want her to stop throwing stuff. I don't wanna make it a big deal, MacGyver dvd box setplease. I actually don't want you guys to come out. I just need ... can you talk to her and tell her to calm down?"the 4400 dvd
Pressed for details, a clearly conflicted, emotional Muniz says:the 4400 dvd box set "We had a pretty bad day, but she came in and punched me in the face and then started throwing anything she could get her hands on."Deadwood dvdMuniz says Turnbow was "throwing $10,000 art pieces around."
Deadwood dvd box set
Turnbow can be clearly heard yelling. "Now the love of my life hates me because she's having a bad day,The Twilight Zone Complete Series" he says before confirming Turnbow had been drinking. "We're partially going through a breakup,Alias dvd but we're trying to figure everything out."Alias dvd box setOn Feb. 14, three days after the fight, Muniz posted a photo on Twitter featuring a romantic dinner, writing, "I love @elyciamarie."Arrested Development dvdSince the initial police report hit, rumors of suicide attempts and assault have popped up and since been denied. Muniz's rep,Arrested Development dvd box set Lauren Tobin, released a statement reading:Frasier dvd"Frankie and Elycia had an argument a few days ago. The police were called to the residence.Frasier dvd box set
A gun played no part in the argument and was voluntarily given to the police for safekeeping.NYPD dvd There were no bruises and neither left the residence. NYPD dvd box setHe was not suicidal. She was not assaulted. They have been together since the incident; OZ dvdare still together and are moving forward with their lives and with their relationship."OZ dvd box setTobin also told PEOPLE the pair are notThe Shield dvd
"interested in finger-pointing at the other.The Shield dvd box set It was a situation that escalated beyond a point that it needed to be.Rome dvd If anything, they will look back at this as a learning opportunity."Rome dvd box set
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Frankie Muniz 911 Call: 'She's Hitting Me in the Face'
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