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 Hardwicke turned down New Moon

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PostSubject: Hardwicke turned down New Moon   Thu Feb 12, 2009 6:32 pm

TWILIGHT filmmaker CATHERINE HARDWICKE is "devastated" she won't be directing the smash hit film's sequel NEW MOON - but insists it was her decision to pull out of the running.
She was widely expected to take the helm for the follow-up movie before being replaced by American Pie director Chris Weitz, with reports suggesting she was sacked.
But Hardwicke has now revealed the truth behind the rumours - claiming it was her choice to drop out, as she was not willing to make the movie under a tight deadline and with budget constraints.
She says, "I was devastated. I really did feel a strong connection to the people around the world that liked the movie - and to Stephenie (Meyer, Twilight author) and the actors. But I just didn't think I could make a good movie under those circumstances."

Well I guess that puts all the rumors to rest and the new director is more than happy to work under a deadline. I kind of figured as much because while Hardwicke did a good job with Twilight it was her biggest project and it is totally different working independent films compared to working a huge box office hit. Not to mention the amount of pressure that is being put on New Moon to succeed so combine that with the deadline and I can see her turning away from the project. At least she didnt try to do it and end up making it half what it could be. She obviously felt like she couldnt do the job right in the amount of time given. I guess Weitz doesnt feel that way though so I am just glad somone was able to step in.
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Hardwicke turned down New Moon
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