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 Ping G20 Driver has transformed my game

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PostSubject: Ping G20 Driver has transformed my game   Wed Aug 14, 2013 1:23 am

The reputation of Ping is based on consistent production high-quality and solid products. I also love Ping for their non-standard approach to pricing. Anytime I’m in the market for a new club, Ping is one of the first companies I look at because I know their products rarely disappoint. This Ping G20 Driver made me totally change my driver set up and swing.

I bought the G20 Driver to make my cheap ping g20 irons paired with. This club has transformed my game. My drives are consistently straight, with great ball flight and distance. I prefer the “softer” feel and sound of Ping drivers and the G20 feels and sounds wonderful. There’s something about the feel that puts me in a relaxed mood and the resulting tempo and smoothness of my swing appears to follow suite.

Following the victorious footsteps of the G5, G10 and Ping G25 Irons is the G20 in all its muscular, forgiving glory. Designed specifically for the G20 series, the TFC 169D is a lightweight graphite shaft which gives higher swing speeds for higher launch and low spin, with a livelier, more responsive feel and a softer tip for increasing dynamic launch.

The G20 looks great at address and fills me with confidence. Now when I'm over the ball I know I will be hitting the fairway and hitting it long and straight. Previously the majority of my tee shots were affected by a shocking slice, in fact I took the decision to remove my driver from my bag. It has more tendency to slice if you go too hard but looks and sounds good at address and impact.

Just getting up to date on the recent issue from Ping. I honestly believe that Ping offers a bit more forgiveness in all of their clubs.And when my swing is grooved, I'll hit almost any cheap golf clubs well. The ball just kind of floats up and drops out of the air suddenly. The ball seems to bounce off the club head with a good feel when I hit it squarely on the "sweet" spot. You don't have to swing hard with that club.Just a nice easy swing and the ball takes off like a rocket.
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Ping G20 Driver has transformed my game
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