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 JPX 800 Irons longer than his Mizuno MP irons

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PostSubject: JPX 800 Irons longer than his Mizuno MP irons   Tue Jul 23, 2013 4:07 am

"I was easily gaining 10 yards with each club," Donald said. "But I couldn't make the switch because I would have had to go through my whole bag and change every golf clubs for sale, and I just didn't have time.

In Luke Donald's tests, he quickly discovered he could hit the JPX 800 Irons uk longer than his Mizuno MP irons. Too long, it turns out. He stayed with his Mizuno MP irons despite the added distance. Unbelievable distance of the JPX-800 irons is achieved by combining MAX COR Technology and Hot Metal. Hot Metal process allows the JPX800 to hit the maximum allowable limits for energy transfer, far exceeding previous Mizuno irons.

I have increaed my ball flight by 18 yards on the average for each club they are very workable Irons you just need to play around in the range for a bit, farther than Mizuno MP 69 irons cheap. The Max-COR construction that makes the JPX-800s lively, also minimizes distance loss from off center hits. If the ball is struck in the hitting area of the face, the ball will get there.

JPX 800 Irons also win over my favorate Mizuno MP 59 Irons with regard to the feeling. A progressive flow to shapely shorter irons, complete the JPX800's 'Balanced' orientation. The JPX-800 iron is versatile and easy to hit. The JPX-800 are cast, not forged. So they lack that forged feel and feedback that Mizuno irons are known for.

An exotic pocket cavity, with multiple thickness levels and an external power bar add the highest measurable levels of forgiveness (MOI) achieved in a Mizuno iron to date. This iron has the charm of vintage jewelry with the kick of an ultimate fighter. Engineers also analyzed the sound at impact and tuned the design to improve feel and feedback.
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JPX 800 Irons longer than his Mizuno MP irons
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