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 Ping have addressed G25 Irons australia

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PostSubject: Ping have addressed G25 Irons australia   Wed Jul 03, 2013 1:34 am

Ping G25 Irons attract so many golf players, and even some golf stars. With a brand new finish and some key performance changes PING released the upgrade to the G series irons with the Ping G25 irons australia.

With the Ping G25 Irons youíll hit the ball long but with distance control. Your ball could launch up in the air with ease, no matter what your handicap is. The sound and feel of every shot was quite satisfying as well. PING engineers have created a long, forgiving design with exceptional feel and distance control while maintaining a sleeker profile. They are the combination of loads of forgiveness with great feel, flight and better looks that makes this possible.

Ping have addressed this with the G25s. They still look reassuring behind the ball, but arenít off-putting. And whatís truly amazing is that these seem to be even more forgiving than their predecessors. The G25 features similar moment of inertia measurements compared to the g20 irons for sale. But the topline, sole width and offset have been refined in each iron within the set to optimize playability.

The size of the G25s are back where there G10 and ping k15 irons were, which is a major improvement. The wider sole's greater forgiveness and lower center of gravity are more important on the longer irons, while the reduced sole width on the short irons will improve playability.The offset is still there, but it gradually reduces as you go down through the set so from the 7-iron downard it looks like a better player iron in that regard.

You can feel the trajectory is also very good and penetrating and the lower Custom Tuning Port unit and stablity bars really help to increase the rigidity at impact as well as providing that lovely feel. When you go to grab the cheap golf clubs out of your bag you will feel the black elastomeric coating that is in there. This is a nice touch which I have not seen on other clubs.
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Ping have addressed G25 Irons australia
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