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 Why I would recommend the G20 to anyone

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PostSubject: Why I would recommend the G20 to anyone   Tue May 28, 2013 2:51 am

Ping has a staunch following that borders on fanaticism yet they always offer cheap golf clubs that may look ‘plain’ or ‘boring’ but lately their designs are slowly emerging from those shells while still maintaining their core values. This Ping G20 Driver is designed for players of all abilities

This new Ping G20 Driver is further improved by combining the best qualities from two of their drivers from last season, the Ping G15 Driver and ping k15 driver for sale. The 460cc head is made from a lighter, lower-density alloy and features a variable thickness face. To me and you, this means faster ball speeds and maximum forgiveness. It looks very welcoming at address, the classic shape sitting square behind the ball and the dark grey crown appealing to the eye.

I would recommend the G20 to anyone. I also bought the Ping G20 fairway wood which is nearly as good, now I want the Ping G25 Driver. This driver is perfect for my game – and it won’t be leaving my bag for some time. If you hit it right, it sounds lovely. The Ping G20 Driver produces a 0.75 degree increase in launch angle, with 200 RPM less spin, and 1MPH increased ball speed off center hits.

As for the distance, you think the high launch would take a few yards off, but the low spin makes up for it and we all love that feeling of seeing your ball hit the deck and go bounding down the fairway. As it turns out, for 2/3 of our testers, the ping g20 driver proved to be one of the 3 longest drivers they’ve tested this season (including 2 longest overall).

I’d love to tell you that from an accuracy standpoint the PING G20 proved to be every bit as straight as it long. It didn’t, in part due to the fact that it’s stupid long. I love the feel of the club and I love that it is and always will be unique! I would have bought the regular g-20 anyway and although,this was much more expensive for a life long golfer looking for a technology upgrade it was just awesome.
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Why I would recommend the G20 to anyone
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