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 Who is your favourite character in the following season 1?

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PostSubject: Who is your favourite character in the following season 1?   Wed May 22, 2013 3:45 am

I really liked Kevin Bacon in this, but everyone else seems out of place. The dialogue is very bland, and it's unconvincing how people worship James Purefoy and follow him by killing college girls. All because he is so inspired by Edgar Allan Poe. I just don't buy a college professor turning into this methodical serial killer. The show would have been much better if Purefoy was an Agent turned into a terrorist like what Homeland does. Oh well, spend your time watching something else of the following season 1 dvd , and find your favorite character and plot.
The Following Season 1 dvd is a pathetic attempt to make another serialized show about a serial killer who wants to play cat and mouse with an FBI anti-hero who once beat him, and is so pretentious that even Poe would call him a hack. Actually, Poe would consider this guy a phony.Pay your mention to the show you will love it.
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Who is your favourite character in the following season 1?
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