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 Brand publicity between Victoria’s Secret and its competitors

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PostSubject: Brand publicity between Victoria’s Secret and its competitors   Wed Apr 24, 2013 4:30 am

Victoria’s Secret, Triumph and Calvin Klein are both belong to luxury brands. With the rapid economic development, people will have a higher level of material and spiritual needs of the luxury brands, 留学生论文代写luxury brands’ goods have a high quality and technology so that the luxury brands industries have its own market (Heine, 2011). The three companies both belong to the luxury brand, then how to promote their brand has become particularly important.
Advertisement is a public promotion of goods or service. assignment代写Most companies usually work together with some famous film stars or movie stars to make ads, in order to enhance the publicity of the enterprises and make more target customers as well as the public more profound understanding of their brands. 澳洲代写assignment
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Brand publicity between Victoria’s Secret and its competitors
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