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 Environmental factors

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PostSubject: Environmental factors    Wed Apr 24, 2013 4:29 am

Protecting the earth is a common sense for the whole world which is a major factor affecting developments of human beings. Chinese government made the policy of sustainable development for the environment as a national policy. essay代写Reducing the waste and the cost, decreasing energy consumption and emission is tremendously important for auto industry to protect the environment
Legal factors
Vehicle related laws and regulations in China, comparing to developed countries is not mature enough. coursework代写There are some blanks in the law system. For instance, in the 2012, a man who wanted buy a car died of car accident while test driving. And who should take responsibility for the damages, the distributor or the other man who was driving. 澳洲作业代写 There isnít a specific and concrete division of liability. So vacancy in Chinese law and the immature law system may add unnecessary risks for companies.
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Environmental factors
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