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 Reviews of Newest 2013 ADIDAS Climacool 5 Men's Running Shoes

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PostSubject: Reviews of Newest 2013 ADIDAS Climacool 5 Men's Running Shoes   Tue Apr 09, 2013 2:49 am

Good shoe all in all for road running. Not the greatest for trail running or any running over pea gravel as little rucks will easily get into the sole and provide slight discomfort until removed.

I use them to go to the gym and I found 2013 ADIDAS Climacool 5 Men's Running Shoes great, are lightweight, cool, comfortable, great to dress casually. I have been fascinated with these shoes.

Love, love, love these shoes for running, good Adidas running shoes. They are super flexible, lightweight and breathable. I was considering getting the Nike Free Run+ shoes but once I saw and felt the weight of these I was sold on them. I felt that I could more easily run at a faster pace in these shoes. I also noticed that a few more muscles in my legs are being used because of the flexibility. The arch support is fantastic for my feet and it doesn't hurt that these shoes look awesome as well.

The Adidas CC Seduction shoes looked great and comfortable. I did not purposely want to wear it all day but had to. My feet did not get tired and did not feel any pressure nor discomfort. I received quite a few good looks and nice comments. Nobody realized I was wearing running shoes. This 2013 ADIDAS Climacool 5 Men's Running Shoe is nicely constructed and is definitely a stunner-- 5 stars.

This is a very lightweight shoe but be careful if you are in need of cushioning because these are minimalist-like shoes and after less than 20 total miles my knees are hurting like I have owned them 300 miles. They also run a little large: I wear a 13 in Adidas but this one came a half-size or so large. Another note to remember is they are are for running nice, smooth, and dry roads because of the outsole pattern. I'm not mad at Adidas about the shoe but I wish the other reviews were more accurate since I am overseas (Iraq) and can't try the shoe on for fit.
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Reviews of Newest 2013 ADIDAS Climacool 5 Men's Running Shoes
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